06 February 2014

Do you have snow?

I am dreaming of a white monsoon.

Two days ago, 4th February, I received an email from an old English friend who had migrated with his family from England to one place he wrote as Pawtuxet Village in US– I would like to imagine that as the equivalent of  my Kampong Pengkalang Maras! But how equal are they?

Look at what he wrote:

“Winter in Pawtuxet village 
We usually get snow here, The weather is like UK, only colder minus 15 deg C and hotter, 37 deg C.

Hassan, do you get any snow in Malaysia?


He attached this picture:

Winter in Pawtuxet Village

How would I respond to that question?
So yesterday morning, I took my bedroom alarm clock and placed it in the shade outside my house, and this is what it read after half-an-hour.

                     18.2 C at 7.56 am
Our coldest ever Monsoon

And we are supposed to have an exceptionally cold weather ever experienced during Monsoon.

Monsoon 'Snow' at Pengkalan Maras


And now, like the great Bing Crosby I will be singing:

I'm dreaming of a white monsoon
Like the one I used to know
Where the coconut tops glisten

I think that 'monsoon' goes better than 'christmas' with 'glisten'!


Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan


naniasda said...

They say it is spring now in 'Newcastle' (KB) and I just love this change of weather, cool in the evenings and mornings. Have a nice cool day Pakcik :)

zafi said...

what a cute posting pakcik!

snow - white look beautiful
snow turn up to black ice - painful

:P Jokes je.. he he he

Al-Manar said...


There was something in the paper the other dat about 'Newcastle' experiencing its lowest temperature of 19 deg C. I fear when the hot weather returns it will cone with vengeance. So let's enjoy the cool while it lasts.

Al-Manar said...


This is just a light-hearted break from a more serious subject; but it is real and what is happening here is rsather perplexing.

Anonymous said...

Hello AK,

You are dreaming of white monsoon and I am dreaming of white Christmas which you experienced many years ago. I just missed one way back in 1985 as we had to leave Toronto, Canada one month before Christmas, and it was beginning to snow in late autumn. Coming back to white monsoon, you must have mistaken as you were watching from the balcony towards the sea and saw the waves bashing the beach and turning white; that was snow ha ha ha . Salam, have a nice dream.

Al-Manar said...


There is nothing like nice hot days with cool breeze. Imagine the cold and the miserable heavy clothing with hot water bottle and all to keep warm! Above all you would have no more tennis.

kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik
The weather is playing havoc everywhere this time. It does not discriminate. Over here it was rainy most days about a week ago. Now it is all too hot unlike your cold monsoon there. It makes for interesting times just as well!


Ismail aka Pak Mail said...

Many Malaysian that who have not experience the snow think that it is wonderful. In my opinion to some reason it is 'horrible'. I lived in Italy for almost a year some 30 years ago. Snow in Italy is considered mild and yet I can't tolerate to the extend. It makes us difficult to work and move around. Freezing.

Have a nice day (Pinjam penutup kata Pak Idrus).

Cik Minah Tonggek said...

heehehe...... minah dengo MB gi atatika maing sno... takdok orang nok ajok minah gi maing sno etek, dok kire ar duane-mane pong, omo-ayak dok 'noho minah maing sno, sliyo gok wasse......

ma'ah ndeh, mitok slamak blake abg hassan dang kakok kite......

Al-Manar said...


Weather is playing politic as well, Hank! Who knows what's next. We just sit back and try to enjoy whatever.

Al-Manar said...


Snow is nice when you are sitting pretty in a comfortable and warm room. Think of the slippery road and so on. It is noit that wonderful after all!

Al-Manar said...


Tak tahukah Pakcik dan Makcik kdetua rumbungan itu? Itulah sejuk Terenggnau sekarang. Lain kali kita ajak CMT lah.

ahmad humairi said...

salji kena beli kt sini, buh lam mangkuk, curah air gula berwarna, tambah kacang, cendol, pala dan bagai...hmmm sdap toii..

Al-Manar said...

Cikgu Humairi,

Waalaikum Salaam.

Saya lagi suka kalau dimasukkan beberapa biji gula kabong. Jarang2 sekali masuk pula setongkol ice cream!

Abu Ikhlas said...

Love your writing uncle. You were a teacher before? Keep writing and teaching and that would bring you joy n happiness. Love...masnoor @abuikhlas

Al-Manar said...

Abu Ikhlas,

I was never a teacher during my working life, but I have been one during my retirement years. I help kampong children for free and I have seen good results over the years. Thank you for calling in. It is so stimulating to see new visitors. Do come again