28 December 2007

2007 PMR Results

This is the time of the year that Pak Cik can hardly wait, neither for the Christmas season nor for the New Year. In fact for one of Pak Cik’s age ( still a secret to you ?) a new year carries with it two heavy thoughts, one of gratitude for being blessed by Him with such a fruitful age, the second of the nearness of the end of the ‘recorded time’ ( remember the piece from your Form 1 English literature?). Another reward for Pak Cik’s year’s labour is the one Pak Cik look forwards to, the PMR results. This time round the results are much like the last many years (exceeding ten now), Alhamdulillah.

Yesterday, 27th December, Pak Cik faced an ad hoc class of 16 beaming faces. Could it be possible for Pak Cik to hide the few drops of tears when I learned the following figures?

8 As 6 persons
7 As 7 persons
6 As 2 persons
5 As 1 person
(6Bs 1 person)*

All of them achieved A grades in English, Maths and Science. It was other subjects like Bahasa Malaysia and Agama that had brought some to grief. Like those in the past years, most from this group will soon bid us farewell to join SBPs and MRSMs. Pak Cik’s greatest hope and wish and pray is that they will go and succeed in life, taking along with them a few of the values they have acquired from Almanar ( our Light-house ) – not forgetting one day to ...
berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan

* One girl managed only 6Bs, including English and Maths. She joined us late in Form 3. It was much too late to help her. Her young brother, insya Allah, who is now going into Form 2 in 2008, will join the excellent performers two years hence. He has shown an exceptional and exemplary working attitude. Pak Cik saw him near lunch time yesterday sitting in one corner of Almanar looking dazed, a Form 2 Science book lying open in front on the table. “ Rasa demam terok, Pak Cik,” he murmured on seeing Pak Cik approaching him.

“Mengapa datang juga kalau dah sakit? Pergi balik tidur.Ada duit kah ?”. In response he shook his head sadly. So Pak Cik sent him back immediately with three ringgits in his hand to buy some Panadols on the way.

“Pulang balik kepada Pak Cik kah kalau ada duit baki ?” looking askance. How often Pak Cik have been touched by such simple honesty. And how can we not want to carry on doing something for the future of such a person? And there are so many of them out there, if only we choose to see.