25 October 2014

Miracles of Al-Quran ( Pt 3 ) – Maurice Bucaille.

( 1 Muharram 1436 ) 

Quran and Science

It is befitting to start another year of Hijriah with another posting on the Miracles of Al-Quran.

About 30 years ago I purchased in London a book by Maurice Bucaille, a French medical doctor and a member of French Society of Egyptology.  I was amazed by its astounding contents. Sadly, I can no longer find this prized copy on my bookshelf.  Somehow, a new copy, purchased later, does not satisfy my love for the first copy which had flicked through on so many occasions.

 Maurice Bucaille

Bucaille ( born in 1920 and passed away in 1998 ), a medical specialist, practiced medicine from 1945–82. He had great interest in identifying words from the bible and Quran and interpreting them against his medical practice. He, then, found it necessary to learn Arabic in order to understand what Al Quran had to say. Many aspects in the Quran relate to deep understanding of science and he could not rely on pure translation.  In order to be able to read Quran in its original text, he devoted himself to the learning of Arabic language at the ripe age of fifty.    

His deep involvement in the preservation of Egyptian mummies brought him closer to the Arab world. In 1973, Bucaille was appointed family physician to king Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Another of his patients at the time included members of the family of then President of Egypt, was Anwar Sadat.

Thereafter, he made a serious beginning by trying to reconcile proven scientific truths with religious axioms. Finally he was convinced that of all the sacred books, Al Quran was the only one which had remained sacrosanct and free from all additions, alterations and interpolations, and, consequently it still retained the purity to guide mankind in all ages, places and in every conceivable crisis.   

He was convinced of the exact specific scientific details mentioned in AlQuran and such details were absent in in other scriptures. He realised that those details, could never have been understood during Prophet Muhammad’s era. The various stages in the process of pregnancy have all along been described in great details in Al Quran but the absence of scientific knowledge did not make it possible for proper interpretation and understanding. Being a specialist in that field he found Al Quran very specific in its description on processes involved in pregnancy. What is described with so much detail could never be understood 1400 years ago. This fact alone is enough proof of the authenticity of Quran against any other sacred books.

On the basis of the great wonders he discovered in Al Quran, Maurice Bucaille adopted Islam.

As a result of these studies, he wrote his famous book "QURAN, BIBLE AND SCIENCE" in 1976, which caused a furore in high academic circles - particularly in the Christian world.

What is the origin of man 
&  The bible the Quran and science
After a deeper study of Islam and the Quran, he has authored another book titled, "THE ORIGIN OF MAN". He was invited to give Extension Lectures in academic institutions. By virtue of his unprejudiced and realistic approach to Quranic thought, and by virtue of his unprejudiced and realistic discussion and his research work, Dr. Bucaille has converted a number of high ranking scholars to agree with him and to subscribe to his view that the Quran is a Divine Book, not authored by any human being, and was truly revealed by the Almighty God to His Last Prophet, Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him.


It is never my preference to make an unnecessarily long posting. Insya Allah, I will have another posting on Professor Maurice Bucaille’s amazing finding on the death of Pharoah and his mummy as specified in Al Quran, but absent in other religious books.


Kerana Tuhan
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14 October 2014

Mission Impossible

 Could  Rome be built in one day?
To-date, the largest orphanage centre in the state, Perkaya., which have its own school, have started sending pupils to Almanar on a weekly basis ,a very unsatisfactory frequency. Two groups are ferried in in their own bus every Saturday morning . I am hoping the new programme for next year will increase the frequency. I have, thus far, concentrated on teaching English, leaving other subjects to begin in January.

 I was greatly surprised last week when their representative requested Pakcik’s assistance to spend one Saturday morning with their Form 3 children who would begin their PT3 ( to replace the PMR) examination , which began yesterday with half a million candidates. The children were in need of help in mathematics. Preparing children of unknown level of knowledge in half a day for an important examination was a tall order; a mission impossible. But I knew better than to decline. I would, at least, have an opportunity to assess the children’s competency in that subject before they turn up to be tutored as Form 4 pupils early next year.

Bus from PERKAYA
As planned a busload of children arrived at Almanar before nine last Saturday. Buses from Perkaya have always been very punctual despite their one-hour journey to to Almanar. So, by nine last Saturday morning,  27 children ( 6 girls and 21 boys) were seated quietly in four rows in my class. I was conscious that all the 27 pairs of eyes watching me belonged to children without fathers. It was a sobering thought and I felt grateful to be in that unusual and enviable position.

After the initial few words of welcome, making sure that they would only address me as a simple Pakcik or Pakcik Hassan, we began with Al Fatihah for their fathers and the rest.

The ensuing three hours was tiring, selecting appropriate parts ans examples.  At least I know now the level of their competency; which is low in my estimation. They would not make an A grade today, but, Isha Allah, a few would in two years’ time. Rome was not built in one day.



kerana Tuhan

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08 October 2014

End of the Tunnel ( Pt. 26 ) - Ooh, Pakcik!?

Had it not been for you


I parked my car and walked into the shop holding an old novel to be photo-stated . A young lady sporting a light blue Malay dress and a matching scarf was looking at a photostat copy which had just been handed to her by a shop assistant.  It looked to me like a form, perhaps a completed application form.


Conscious of my standing beside her she looked up only to find Pakcik’s face looking straight at her. Instead of shifting her eyes away a surprise look of recognition broke in her face. Almost instantaneously she opened her mouth to give a soft cry;  “ Ooh, Pakcik Hassan … !?” , then followed with “ Lamanya tak jumpa ! ( I’ve not seen you for so long !).

Her feature began to look familiar, and that word “Pakcik” told me who she should be, one of ex Almanar children. I was quick to change my surprise to a gentle rebuke , “ I am not surprised if you do not recognise me. You have not bothered to contact me after all this while.”    

That was a good line which prompted her to be defensive, “ Tak kan lupa Pakcik! Kalau tidak kerana Pakcik ajar saya Bahasa Inggeris mana saya dapat masuk UIA ! “. ( It isn’t possible to forget Pakcik! Without Pakcik helping to teach me English how could I join UIA ?”

So this girl, Aishah, had graduated from UIA and she went on to tell Pakcik that she was having some document prepared to take with her to UK. In about one week’s time she will be starting her Master’s degree at Hull University.

I am sure, she could never appreciate, nor could anyone else, how her impromptu declaration (of my help in teaching her English) meant to me at that moment. I am not ashamed to admit this. Aishah rewarded me enough with those few involuntary declaration.


Now I am able to reflect on this girl, Siti Nor Aishah, a young orphan, who, together with a few others, joined Almanar Form One tuition class in 2003. She completed SPM at the end of 2007. It was a credit to me and to her continued effort to finally earn the elusive ‘A’ grade in English. That, with her good SPM results in other subjects, earned her a place at UIA. And now she is proceeding to Hull.  

Siti Nur Aishah 

Reminiscing the time she was studying at Almanar, she said, “Mother used to scold me whenever I failed to attend one Pakcik’s class. ”  Aishah realised how much  her mother, a single parent, had wished her success in education. That is what has inspired her to come this far and to go further. 




On the second day of Hari Raya Qurban Aishah’s mother had a small party. Pakcik and Makcik were too happy to be there – to bid her farewell.  Insya Allah, we will, before long, be seeing more of her, a lady with high education.





Kerana Tuhan

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