27 December 2014

The SECOND wave - Rain and Snow

A quiet X'mas  Day

A X'mas Day to remember 

To my Christian visitors I wish a sadly belated Merry X’mas, with snow and all to add atmosphere to the joyous occasion. To us in Malaysia it has been sad news especially in the East Coast where I am.  

One headline reads “Terengganu virtually cut off..”
Another says that this is 'the worst in history'

With incessant  rain over the last five days we bgan to  expect the worst.  Excessive water would naturally break river banks to flood the surrounding low areas which generally are in bad need of suitably planned monsoon drains.

It was late afternoon of X'mas Day when, from my house, I could see the sea through the gaps in the row of tall casuarina trees ( my Terengganu’s X’mas trees’ look-alike), which I had them planted to help breaking the force of sea breeze carrying salt sprays to our home during Monsoon weather. What I was looking at from my house did  not look at all good, ominous as a matter of fact.



On  a sudden impulse I reached my camera and walked down to the beach to see any real life drama on the beach, perhaps a rare experience to many but not to us here  

      Not a very inviting look

It was a weird feeling to see the stormy sea and grey sky stretching all the way to the Western horizon. On the Eastern side runs a a  row of casuarina trees, in a way hiding the predence of our home. ; and stretching north and south runs the seemingly endless stretch of sandy beach to as far as the eyes can see.

 The minous cloud threatening from the western horizon


That was X’mas eve for me, yesterday. The atmosphere could be romantic with a slight breeze, accompanied by the  soft sound of waves spreading their foams on the frothy shore;  and there a couple standing hand-in-hand watching the far horizon, or sitting on the soft sand watching baby vrabs running around! 

 A fascinating  sight of foamy waves
spreading froth over the expanse of the sabdy beach

 That was prt of my quiet X'ms Day, standing mersmerised by the the Almighty's works of wonder and admiration. Then I traced back my footsteps in the sandm, happy that I decided to do the least romantic act of the Day but spiritually satisfying. Alhamdulillah.

Kerana Tuhan
Untuk Kemanusiaan



09 December 2014

Selamat Tinggal

NOQTAH hitam o 9.12.2014

At lunch time today the wife of my very old friend of sixty years passed away at a hospital in Subang Jaya. This is indeed a dark spot in our life. She, named Hasmah Sulaiman, and  Salmah Sulaiman, my good wife (watch their names) were  like  twins.  
Suddenly gone are the days and evenings we had meals out, and occasions we shared meals at home accompanied with gay time and laughter.

Waktu sembahyang dan tanah perkuburan sebelum waktu zohor esok akan menandakan detik perceraian kami di bumi ini.Yang ada pada kami cuma titisan air mata disertai doa semoga rohnya berada diantara yang dikasihiNYA. Lfatihah.

Prayers and AlFatihah will always be our way of remembering this very dear  old lady, a dear sister more than a friend.

Kerana Tuhan