08 October 2012

Kera dihutan disusukan …

This morning I had a group of fifteen Form 3 pupils from the orphanage. They only started coming to Almanar about six months ago after being picked from various parts of the state. They are poor in every way, family, education and even the will to learn and above all threy are very playful. They are practically ‘no-hopers’ as far as their tomorrow’s PMR examination is concerned. And I keep trying to make them understand that all is not lost if only they can keep their mind tuned to succeed in two years’ time, their SPM examination. I promise them that I will do everything I can to help. And I know they will get somewhere if only I can change their learning attitude, a big if indeed.

And it is so often I quietly draw a sigh as I face these children. Today, in particular, I remember that I have two grandchildren in KL who will be sitting for the same PMR exam starting tomorrow, and another two for their SPM examination next month. It saddens me to be reminded of the Malay proverb, kera dihutan disusukan anak sendiri mati kelaparan (wild monkeys are being milked whilst own babies die of starvation.)  I have done very little for them. But I draw comfort from the fact that they are urban children who have been raised within my own family. They are not neglected kids.

Makcik is in KL hoping to lend support to our loved ones. And here I am alone with a prayer in my heart  that HE will help ours as much as I have tried to help others’.

Dear Abdul Aziz, Azim, Arif and Sulaiman. With love and prayers from Ki

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan


GUiKP said...

May Allah guide them all in their impending battles, and may your sacrifices be duly rewarded too. I shall get reacquainted with SPM stuff soon, right up to November next year. May call upon your expertise from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Allah blesses you and your family Pak Cik. You help others,they might not be able to repay you but surely, Allah will.

Good luck to all PMR candidates.Please strive hard and pray harder.

With love,AZMIERA.

kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
Lesson learnt today! Stay focused in your calling and all others fall into place!
You have unselfishly extended your time,efforts and resources. You don't look for rewards but certainly 'murah rezeki' will come your way. It normally works that way!
Every Best Wishes for those sitting for the exams!


Al-Manar said...


I have found the young undergrads very good in tutoring Form 4 and 5. Every time my ex Alamanar pupils return home on their universaty breaks the current SPM candidates would 'book' them. Last month a boy doing engineering volunteered tutoring the pupils. Classes at Almanar ran to as late as midnight!

I wish I could tap good undergrads from the two universities near my home but I have had no success. If only I had someone like you here I swould have got the help I need instead of waiting for university breaks.

You see, these good undergrad are still fresh with the various subjects in details. Azmiera, under 'anonymous' below, is a dentistry student and she is always a hit at Almanar when she is around on holidays.

Al-Manar said...


I think the children, especially the boys, are waiting for you to come back on holidays. I think it may be a bit too late for next month's SPM candidates. My hands are really full with new intakes from Darul Akhyar.

Al-Manar said...


All will be fine I am sure.

Our friend AHS has done a good service for me. Today I was on the line with a pen-friend I had lost since 1955! I am all excited. It may prove to be a good short posting for bme.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Pity them Pak Cik. If I have time,I will let you know.I have checked my routine schedule. It seems I may need to sacrifice my holidays and force myself to enjoy life with those teeth and dentures which I told you as extremely boring.


Al-Manar said...


Don't worry. Enjoy your dummy teeth and dentures while you have a chance before starting on the real bleeding gum and teeth!

ahmad humairi said...

السلم عليكم ورحمة الله

Dagang lalu ditanakkan, suami pulang kelaparan...samalah maksudnya dengan peribahasa kera disusui itu.

Ayat sama yang isteri saya tujukan kepada saya...."anak orang abang ajar, anak sendiri dibiarkan..."

Hari ini, bermula jam lapan pagi tadi, anak saya sedang berjuang di dewan peperiksaan menghadapi PMR. Doakan kejayaan untuknya juga. Selamat maju jaya buat semua calon-calon PMR!

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Pak Cik,
That saying does not apply to you. The ones whom you give the help are those who are in need. Those who are more than able can find their way on their own,especially when the facilities are more than adequate if not far superior than what can be available for the disadvantaged. Allah's rewards those who does a good turn without expecting anything in return.

Al-Manar said...

Cikgu Humairi,

Peribahasa yang ini saya tak tahu langsong. Sayang bahasa kita telah dirojakkan. Harapnya janganlah sampai - Mangki in hutan diberi milk babi dirumah mati hanggeri.
Cikgu membawa bahasa keblog saya. Inilah yang saya suka. Tentu ada rakan pelawat yang sama belajar.

Al-Manar said...


That is the kind of comforting thought I keep reminding myself. But it does seem uncaring at times. Thank you sdr AHS.

Pak Idrus said...

Pokcik Hassan, Carry on with the good work and forget about the reward.

As for the grand kids I think you should take sometime to go and play with them before they grow up to become adult. They grow up very fast indeed nowadays.

Do not forget to call me when you come to see Mokcik in KL soon.

Take care.

Unknown said...

Dear Pakcik,

My best wishes to all children at Almanar and also to your grandchidren sitting for PMR. May Allah guide them and having the best mentor with them sure helps. And may you be blessed always.

Al-Manar said...

Pak Idrus,

I agree with your good advice that children grow very fast. But I cannot make myself travel much although I have no problem physically. I have grown to dislike KL as it gets busier and busier and my tendency to get lost. Even GPS does not help!

Sorry, my Wife often takes a flight to and from KL. It is convenient.

Haslina said...

Pakcik, InsyaAllah your grandchildren will do well in their 'battles'. They have their loving parents and grandparents and countless aunts and uncles. InsyaAllah Allah will repay your kindness otowards the unfortunate children of Al-Manar. I am happy to read here that the ex-pupils of AM never forget you and AM. One good turn deserves another, they say.
I have butterflies in my stomach too (and maybe everywhere) because my students will sit for SPM next month. Let's hope they will do well especially in the 1119/1 and 1119/2 papers. (That's English Paper 1 and paper 2)

Al-Manar said...


I wish the same for you and your children. My life is care free. I only worry over others' under privileged children, not the same kind of worry as over our own. All the best, Haslinda

Al-Manar said...


For an instance I got mixed in my mind between Haslina and Haslinda, coming close one after the other. Of course you are the one with school children problems, others' children.

I have resigned to the fact that I cannot hope for any good results from my current batch and even from the next batch. I have to be contented with a good pass for all. Unlike you I do not have any one breathing down my neck even if all fail. You have the whole education department looking at your lack lustre. But your school may turn out among the top.

Just keep praying for the best.

pena said...

as salam pakcik. after reading ur posting, suddently i felt a dagger pierced straight through my heart. my last boy is now struggling with pmr and i realised that i contributed very little on his preparation for the exam, while i m too busy teaching profesionnal courses to other elderly students. it's the missus who took full command of teaching him since she spends almost every minutes with him at home. teruknye bapak manki ni! yang kurang kesabarannya. sama-sama kita doakan moga Allah permudahkan semua calon pmr menjalani peperiksaan, diberikan ketenangan dan moga mendapat markah paling tinggi dan lulus dengan cemerlang, Amin!
p.s. doa is also for your 2 grandsons and cikgu humairi's son.

Al-Manar said...


I believe in sharing responsibility among us in the family. If a wife can adequately do the job of guiding children it is best to leave it to her. Some children do not like everyone going after them. In some cases an elder brother or sister can do that. But we should be aware that what needs doing is done. Janganlah sampai lepas tangan terus.

I am sure you know all these as a professional in giving talks.

Anonymous said...

I greatly appreciate all the info I've read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

Al-Manar said...


Thank you for your unsolicited effort

ninotaziz said...

I am sure you miss Makcik very much then. Salam sayang from all of us here in KL.

Inas will be facing her SPM battle soon - my joy is watching her fiercely tackling both her Maths, Chemistry, Engineering Drawing, History and English Literature and maneuvering her other subjects, albeit maybe not as enthusiastically. The joy of learning surely is the best gift of all.

Unknown said...

Dear PakChik, you are not giving milk to kera di hutan. You are giving milk to those who would have not otherwise have it.
That GPS comment from you reminds me of a phrase coined by a friend about GPS- Guna Pun Sesat.

Anonymous said...


You do not exhibit a worried mother type, enjoying it all instead. I wish all the best for Inas. She does well and all the 3 I's will follow.

I wonder why she is taking Engineering Drawing.

Al-Manar said...


When there is so much milk around it is such a waste to just let it go sour.

Guna Pun Sesat memang tepat sekali.

Nor Fadzleen said...

Dear Pakcik Hassan,
Kudos on your effort and your astounding effort will be rewarded in due time, pay-it-forward style. Some of the students may fail to see the importance of education now but do press on, pakcik. Your tenacity and dedication inspire me to keep on giving back to education despite my hiatus from teaching in school. My doa for Al Manar and your family.

Al-Manar said...

Nor Fadzleen,

You are in the thick of it and you well equipped to do your bit. Do not forget the less privileged group among our people whose need for help is more critical.

ninotaziz said...

Dear Pakcik,
Inas is talented and was thinking about taking up architecture, mechanical engineering or fashion designing.

I am never sure what she will eventually do but one thing for sure - she bakes the loveliest cupcakes, makes profiteroles and can be mean in the jungle, catching, cleaning and cooking a catfish with her bare hands!

Sigh, these are the joys of motherhood. I try not to go on and on....

Al-Manar said...


What talents she has!
Don't let her get swept off her feet too soon.

Anonymous said...

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