01 May 2012

Child abduction

The two of us were in KL last week for a couple of days. On Friday our grand-daughter, a Standard Six pupil of Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara (SKBD), was all very bubbly and excited to tell us something on alighting from her school bus. A man tried to abduct a Standard Five girl from her school.

In that incident a man approached one girl to tell her that her mother was not well and he was to take her home. The girl had the presence to get the school office to contact her home. That was fortunate for the family.

The school was quick to call a meeting of parents on the following day to brief what had taken place and security measures to be made with immediate effect. Altogether THREE abduction attempts had been made at that school within one week.   

Sunday papers carried this news and that of a successful abduction at another school about six kilometers away,but the abductors were not as lucky at SKBD. The following Sunday papers carried the news. 

Sunday Star 29/4

SKBD which is about two kilometers from our house in Damansara Heights.
The culprits seemed to have done their homework, having a good idea of their intended victims. For a start it is easy to assess a child’s backgrounds studying in this particular school. One simply needs to watch which child is being sent and fetched by which chauffer-driven car and to which home the child is taken back to; and there are many big cars and luxurious homes in this particular locality. As our grandchildren belong to the minority group who board school buses we draw some comfort from this fact. Nevertheless, as we have three grandchildren in that particular school we are no less concerned.

We hope visitors to this blog will bear in mind this new threat to our small children.

 Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kkemanusiaan


kaykuala said...

Dear Pak Cik,
It's most frightening. I just don't know what to make of this. A new threat, a new phenomena.

Why? It's because of progress in medicine, that's why! It's big money in the business of harvesting organs. No child is safe now. I used to walk to school before crossing roads getting lifts from neighbours - very normal then. KL in the 50's was heavenly!

Children were then all over the neighbourhood without a care. But now even the homeless children are not seen on the streets. Maybe that is the reason these unscrupulous people are eyeing the schools now.

Mintak simpang!


ninotaziz said...

Dear Pakcik,
This threat puts constant fear in our heart. The morning Nayati was abducted (my office is up the road from where this happened), we received sms alerts. I feel for his parents and keep hoping, our PDRM will be able to find him.

About two weeks ago, we had a terrible scare - yet again with you may be able to guess who, details of which is best not made public.

My constant 'tebing' for this is Ayat Kursi as taught by my Mum and late Grandma. Sometimes, in addition to being vigilant, this faith is all we have.

Haslina said...

I feel so sad for Nayati's parents and really hope the boy would be found safe soon. The info about organ harvesting is quite disturbing and I really hope the criminals / kidnappers would not be that cruel. Being a mother of two young children I couldn't help but feel worried for their safety at their kindergarten. May Allah protect our young ones...

Al-Manar said...


Crime has taken a new dimension. No where is safe. It is no longer a snatch thief but a baby snatcher. Life was hard without modern amenities during our childhood days but it was safe unless we chose to swim in the mining pools or broke our neck doing a tarzan stunt.

Al-Manar said...


I wonder what happened two weeks ago, not serious in consequence I hope. Under these uncertain environments I agree that we hang on to whatever we have, physical as well as spiritual.

Last Saturday, quite unprepared, we drove through Rawang, Serendah up to Batang Kali for a wedding. Passing Rawang Makcik mentioned, "That GIRL mentioned this area. If only we knew where that is we should stop. But she may not be around, though." I wonder if it is around Serendah golf course. We do not keep hanpone numbers handy, unfortunately.

There is always next time.

Al-Manar said...


We have to be weary and take whatever precautionary steps we can. But let this not be a reason to live in fear. Somewhere there is kadha dan kadar.

ninotaziz said...

Dear Pakcik,
Sigh...Nice to know you were in the 'neighborhood'. Batang Kali is quite far away from us - I am never quite sure where it is.

We were at home last Saturday, contemplating whether to visit our daughters in Melawati and brave the Bersih aftermath. Finally, we went over on Sunday.

We would love to see you when you are here in KL. We are now quite adept at reading the GPS so we should be able to find you wherever you are - not like the time we visited Ayoh Wang and got lost makan buah langsat.

Baik baik makan chili
Bersilih ganti buah langsat
Baik baik membawa diri
Jangan nanti hingga tersesat

Banyak rimau di dalam hutan
Mengaum mencari anak rusa
Banyak ragam dalam kehidupan
Orang ke jin, mencari mangsa

Kueh bengkang, kueh bahulu
Buah duku, jadi rebutan
Zaman sekarang, tak macam dulu
Berjagalah selalu, jadi ingatan

My poor attempt at pantun today...

MamaTim said...

I'm glad the girl selamat. Tapi poor Nayati and those kids who are never found until now. I get paranoid bila my HH rides his bike and gone out of sight - my neighbours dah kenal sangat my silliness - I would insist either his Ayah (much to ayah's dismay bila dia penat after a busy workday, LOL) or his elder brothet (bila dia balik bercuti fron his asrama) to accompany him riding. Kalau dia keluar sorangSorang, every now and then, I'llbe calling his name.. lol.. memang paranoid. Ada neighbour nasihat I to let him be sebab dia dah besar, can be on his own. Deep down, my silent self will reply "yang kena abduct semua tu pre schoolers saja ke, x baca berita ke? " of coz, I put on a smile sajalah, tak sanggup nak cari pasal ngan org, after all I'm sure they meant well.

My prayers, semoga the abducted kids return safely. Kesian their families.

i amsterdam said...

This is disturbing news.. even going to school is not safe!! What's happening to our society?

Al-Manar said...


The pantun sounds good. There is no way I can coin words to respond. I can only hope others to come forwards to my rescue.

That GPS thing is of little use to me. I have one and it sent me round many strange circles for nearly one hour to get to a house in Sri Damansarsa. Finally I rang up for help only to find myself just gtwo blocks away from destination. I had by then gone in and out of tunnel after tunnel a couple of times! And now I have been told to get get my GPS 'updated'. I was driving along a stretch of new highway to KT and that GPS seemed to think I was on the moon - just blank, lost itself!

Al-Manar said...

Mama Tim,

That is the problem when you are trying to be over protective. On the other hand no one wants to regret after the event. Somewhere we have to take the normal risk taken by others and pray all is well.

Al-Manar said...

i amsterdam,,

This is a price we have to pay for whatever progress Malaysia is heading for. On the othrer hand do not let that make you feel like not coming home forever. We are still enjoying durian, ciku and duku anyway.