30 December 2010

Pakcik Reminisces ( Pt 14 ) – With prayers in my heart

Today, Saturday 01. 01. 1011


1956 diary

Pakcik can never look back to read certain entries in my old dairies without tears in my eyes. So much water has gone under the bridge and all has been well for me. How appropriate it was that I chose Quranic Surah 95 / Ayat 4 as the opening line for that year’s diary.

Sunday 1st January1956 – fifty-five years ago today

And the first line of the new year's entry reads:

Muhammad Asad gave the following interpretation :

Verily, We create man in the best conformation. ( ie endowed with all the positive qualities, physical as well as mental, corresponding to the functions which this particular creature is meant to perform )”

Having started the new page thus, Pakcik followed it with a personal prayer, in Arabic, which roughly means :

“ O God, please bless me in the coming year and the years ahead of me.
O God, please endow me with goodness, physically and morally.
O God, please let me be one of those who worship you with their hearts, not just in words.
Indeed you have created me, and so allow me to be one with faith, devotion and success.
And grand me an end after charitable work.”

The following entry in English followed the opening prayers.

It almost makes me delirious when I think of Post School Cert Class. Late as it is for the result of the entrance exam to come, I am yet certain that it WILL come, and it will always be in my favour. It is always my feeling that the Almighty will never disappoint me, for my desire is pure..”


That was 55 years ago – I had just sat for the Cambridge School Certificate Exam ( the Form 5 exam ) followed by a much dreaded entrance examination for entry into the Higher School Certificate Class ( the Form 6 ).

How pleased I am today to be able to play back and listen to the old cries in my heart, of worry and hope. I realise today the prayers on my first day of new year 56 years ago were answered and I was able to successfully ride over my share of ups and downs in life.

And today, yet another new year, I wonder with humility why, 56 years ago, I chose to end my personal prayers, begging that HE would grant me the end of my term with servitude to humanity. It does appear what I have been doing the last 17 years is the realisation of what I prayed for 55 years ago.Praise be to HIM.

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan.


To ex and present Almanar pupils.

It appear strange that I usually encourage you to reassess your year's performance and start a new year with a set of resolutions. Pakcik, on the other hand, sat back woth prayers in my heart on New Year's day. Either way, resolutions or prayers must be followed with continuous efforts in earnest without which it is just an exercise in futility.



kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
I can relate to that. Sitting for the OSC/FMC and the Form Six Entrance exam. Then worrying sick on what to expect if flunked.

Those then were the young minds trying to take on the visions of young adults. They were trying times.The only regret is that I have none of the old diaries to help relive those wonderful times.

Awang Goneng said...

Dear Abang Ngah & Kak Mah,

May I wish you both a blessed and happy new year. May Allah give us strength to remain true and steadfast, in 'ibadah to Him and in the service and love of our fellow beings, uncorrupted by the temptations of this earth.

Al-Manar said...

khi Hank,

I knew I could not be alone worrying sick what failing the HSC entrance exam meant. What a pity that you no longer have those little pieces of paper to cry or laugh over today.On the other hand not having them is a blessing too.
Happy and prosperous new year, my friend - and happy 'poeting'

Al-Manar said...


Mi, you come from the cold to wish us. Thank you.

For a few days early about X'mas we had had our "Gorgi" and his three 'angels' to break our monotony. The two of us sat at our 'wakaf' facing the angry sea, feeling the cool strong breeze, watching the continuous drizzles and chit-chatting; And we commented to ourselves, " How nice this is." I like this time of he year when the temperature is down to about 22 degrees C and we say," It's cold!"

Salaam to every one at the Fairway and wish all the best for the new year.

changgeh said...

Che Hassan'
Well, I could relate your feelings all too well.My parents were not well off, and passing an OSC means everything at that time.There were no ear to turn to nor a diary. Wishing you a happy prosperous new year.

AWANG said...

Dari Kemaman ke Kuala Besut,
Singgah sebentar di Kuala Dungun,
Dua ribu sepuluh sudah luput,
Azam lepas sudah dibangun?

Azam kita hanya pada Kalendar Masehi? Azam pada Kalendar Islam bagaimana? Selamat Tahun Baru Dua Ribu Sebelas dari awang@dungun.

Wan Sharif said...

Ameen to your excellent du'a made some 56 years ago.. and Ameen to Wan Hulaimi's du'a as well.
May we be getting closer to Allah's pleasure.. sokmo..
Salam to Kak and yours..

Al-Manar said...


AM, We were more or less in the same boat. Those exams were impotant because all seemed to hinge on them whether to go forwards academically or look for employment. We have quite a lot to share. Salaaam and selamat tahun baru: not forgetting the contact.

Al-Manar said...


Kepada Pakcik kalendar Masehi berkebetulan dengan kalendar persekolahan seluruh dunia, dengan itu azam yang dibuat. Kalau untuk sambutan yang idtimewa,dengan berpuasa dan sebaganya sudah tentu 1 Muharram, yang juga membawa erti penghijrahan, azam perubahan untuk kepentingan akidah dan peribadi. Istimewa juga kalendar Islam dengan dua hari raya. Kita mengagungkan Nabi Muhammad dan tidak kurangjuga menghormati Nabi Isa.
Selamat kedua dua tahun baru kepada saudara Awang dari Dungun kite.

Al-Manar said...

Ayah Wan,

Sibuk betul nampaknya sampai tak ada posting tahun baru pun.
Harap project itu mengeluarkan hasil dalam tahun ini.

Semoga doa kita semua untuk kebaikan dimakbulkan Tuhan.

Unknown said...

dear pakchik, i had somehow expected you would commemorate today with a post. i have come to know you quite well, don't you think?
i wish you well pakchik. makchik too.

ninotaziz said...

Selamat Tahun Baru, Pakcik sekeluarga yang dikasihi.

Still recovering from My New Year's Eve Ball - ON THE NILE which insyaallah will be the last I organise. I do these functions very very well, everyone had a marvelous time. But it is time I move on to personal gratification, in pursuit of my dreams.

Today, I celebrated by planting some lovely shrubs with red flowers outside our fence. For once I have no idea what they are called. And potted some delicate ferns in the living room.

And prayed that my family grows closer and stronger with the years. Two birds, Iman and Inas already flew the coop!

Ummie said...

My closing of every Qur'an recitation will be the end of Surah AlBaqarah - Just sharing.

Happy New Year, Blessed & Bountiful Days Ahead, insyaALLAH.

Al-Manar said...


It is scary when you know someone is reading your mind! I kept diaries and the first pages were the most important because the enthusiasm was high. As weeks passed there would be more empty pages until another new diary joined the collection. Isn't this how you see it?

Happy new year to you and the big family. I hope the wedding went as planned. Email me some photoes.

Al-Manar said...


I am sure On The Nile would hear a couple of my old favouites, those made famous by the like of Umi Kalthom and Fairuz.

But all the good things must come to and end. So they say because in life one good thing is replaced by another. You may lose two children but a dozen small newcomers may join you in due course.

In the meantime keep looking after your shrubs and ferns. Makcik would love to see what you have. I do not because I am required to water them from time to time! I like coconut palms because they need no watering, offering me plenty of water to drink instead. Please do not say, " Lazy man!".

I pray that all the good things you wish for your family would be granted.

Al-Manar said...

Surah Al Baqarah is my favourite as a whole. Quite rightly, the prayers at the end express one's hunility and hopefulness in front of the Great Creator.

Amen to your doa for us all, Ummie

Anonymous said...

Salam Pakcik

Sadly any mention of HSC reminds me of Miss Sundram, very difficult to forget and forgive.

Salam to you both and may Allah grant all of us good health, happiness and abundant rizq. Aamin.


mekyam said...

selamat tahun dan dekad baru, pakcik dan keluarga! semoga sejahtera selalu.

Al-Manar said...


Oh my, I have touched the young scar! I am sorry. Let us look at the future and what is left of it, and pray all the good things will carry to the end.

Did you see how high the firewoks soared into the Singapore sky last night with all the pomps and majesty? There wasn't any in this Monsoon weather where I am, dark and dreary. All the same, we have today to enjoy and hope we will still have a tomorrow.

With all the good wishes and prayers from us.

Al-Manar said...


A pleasant surprise to see my good lady from the cold (or is it not as cold as the people fom London?)

Salam sejahtera Pakcik doakan, dipanjangkan umur, hidup aman dan makmur.

nordinmusa said...

it must be very rewarding to be able to walk down the memory lane.

Pak Cik Hassan, may Allah memberkati u, always.

norzah said...

Salamualaikum Akhi Pakcik Al-Manar. Amatlah bahagia mereka yang menyimpan dairi dan mencatitkan segala peristiwa penting dlm hidup mereka. Saya tak pernah kenal dairi seperti tak kenal makan roti untuk breakfast atau belajar di bawah lampu leterik yg terang. Sebagai anak kampung yg tinggal dgn nenek sdg bapa dan ibu menjelajah jauh mengikut keperluan tugas, hanya nasi dan sambal giling yg paling saya kenal.
Alhadulillah, dapat juga saya melangkahi ujian form v, entrance exam, HSC dan Universiti semata-mata dengan berserah kpd Allah dan berusaha seperyi yg di takdirkanNya. Membaca kemimbangan Pakcik dan kawan-kawan lain mngenai peperiksaan itu, saya berasa amat gerun dan bersyukur kpd Allah kerana menunjukkan jalan bagi menempuh semuanya tanpa sebarang kebimbangan.
Seolah-ola apabila kita berada di paras hidup paling rendah, tidak ada sebarang kegagalan yg membimbangkan.
Kedatangan tahun baru dan harijadi juga tidak pernah bererti apa-apa. Hanya baru kebelakangan ini saja orang menjadi hebuh dan kita pun terpaksa mengikut ragam mereka. Dengan itu saya juga mengucapkan selamat tahun baru kepada Akhi dan mendoakan agar segala cita-cita Pakcik terlaksana dgn sepenuhnya. Amin.

Al-Manar said...


Rewarding,yes - often with something that makes you cry. Dah lama tak menulis blog. Sibuk kerja agaknya. Cerita sedikit tentang seorang pelnaggang yang menarik.
Selamat tahun baru dengan perniagaan yang betambah maju.

Al-Manar said...

Akhi Norzah,

Kita hampir seangkatan pada permulaannya. Tidak mengerti apa itu cahaya elekterik dirumah, air mengalir dari paip, tandas didalam rumah, hinggakan apa itu katil. Petang petang dengan kapak membelah kayu api dan berjalan kaki kesekolah .... Dengan itu, amat besar erti kemahuan lulus SC dan HSC. Kalaulah kanak kanak sekaran dapat mendalami cara hidup itu, munkin mereka lebih menghargai nikmat dihari ini. Inilah yang menyedihkan saya yang ingin memberi sesuatu yang tidak pernah saya mimpi 60 tahun dahulu.

Terima kasih berkongsi pengalaman silam - pahit manis nya.

Say amenkan doa saudara.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pakcik

No Pakcik I did not see the countdown live on tv as intended since the young eyes could not stay open!!!


Wan Sharif said...

Dok sibuk berdo'oh.. sibuk pasal nak buat satu posting pasal aqidah Islamiah.. tu dok kena membaca dan buka kitab lama.. sehari dua lagi pun rasa nya tak yakin nak post yang ini.. ada yang cut and paste.. but I think the aqidah one is rather important as I believe it is under attack.. under siege?!!

Al-Manar said...


Just as well

Al-Manar said...

Ayah Wan

kalu panjang pangjang sangat beri sikit sikit. Baru tok puah owang bbaca.

You will land up with a book! Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Pak Cik.I know how happy you are when you realise your prayers and your hopes have come true.You are lucky to have the opportunity to flash back memories of the past years .Indeed, I want to have a diary like you.I own one but I hve written nothing in it.Maybe I should have learned earlier from you how to keep a diary .Years have gone and there were so much joy and tears to be remembered.I hope I will be more 'istikomah' writing a diary after this.


ninotaziz said...

Dear Pakcik,

The New Year brings new adventures.

I have started my series of pantun based on ancient Malay hikayat and folklore.

Do have a peek at


Al-Manar said...


There is hardly any problems in writing diaries.
See you next time you return.

Al-Manar said...


You are still young for more adventures, new expeience - kalau dah dua kali warga mas kena jaga jaga lah! Hope your new ventures will be even more rewarding.

My very first comment was my wonder how you managed to keep so many sites going. The consequential difficulty is for a warga mas to hop from one written stone to another - kaki bukan kuat sangat!

I have already seen it. Well done.

Memorable trails... said...

Salam Pak Chik,
I hope it is not too late to wish you n mak chik a happy blessed and wonderful years ahead.
On that new years eve I was with my kids on one of the streets in KL watching the beautiful fire crackers(after sending Angah back to KB at LCCT)...
Hope this year has something interesting in its store for me n kids..(after experiencing the lost,sickness n separation)
I accept what is fated on me and Allah knows best...

Rahmah said...

salam pakcik,
i have a lot to learn from u! i sincerely feel that..blesses to have connected with u :)

Al-Manar said...

Memorable trails,

Madam, you have every reason to look into a promising future. Comfort and hardship come, one following the other for sure. It is time to update your blog, as you used to do back in the wilderness and charm of the East Coast.

I too wish you and family all the best.

Al-Manar said...


During my early days of secondary school a teacher once said that if we are humble enough we can learn something even from one employed to sweep the pavements. I choose to visit blogsites where I think I can learn something, yours is no exception. And you have the specialised knowledge that I do not possess and that I wish to acquire.

BEiB said...

As salam Pakcik...
Its been quite sometime since we last met. Hope that this new year will be better than the previous years...keep fit and get going...
Wish we could have TT together in the near future...
Happy and prosperous new year.

Al-Manar said...


I have been meaning to give you a call for a cup of tea or roti canai but cannot find your phone number. Would you please email it to me?

Selamat tahun baru dan maju jaya bersama isterin dan keluarga