23 July 2009

Many happy returns of the day

Encik Ramli of When Less Is More blog sent the following comment for Pak Cik’s posting.

“As I celebrate my 59 years young tomorrow, thank you for stating the fact that we were the young cyclists from Bkt Jelutung.”

I have not only known him but enjoyed reading detailed records of his cycling trips, and I never cease to wonder how he and his friends have the stamina and enthususiasm to do what I wish I were able to do. Since his last entry is on his cycling tour via Almanar I would seek his permission to have it copied here. I would want to have the pictures of his five gallant cycling friends recorded in my blog.



True to his National Geographic bandana he wore, he knew the nooks and corners of the East Coast. Even had a stake in a fresh-fish breeding project. His motto is "Ride to Eat". Rides a 26" Dahon foldable bike similar to Zaba's.


Our Mr Gadget. I was fascinated with his USB-driven external speaker hanged on the handle bar. Connected to his PDA, he had a medley of Hindi songs, old P Ramli songs and some hip-hops. Rides the Dahon 20" foldable bike.


The Rambo of BJCC. Before taking up cycling, he was a gym guy. He used to pump irons. Now he pumps tyres. Rides a Dahon 26" foldable bike.


The only non-Brooks guy in the team and now a full-fledged Brooks rider. Rides his Merida Hybrid, his first bike before upgrading to a racer. Slim and trim, the envy of other BJCC tourers.


The most "hardworking" tourer. He had 1 puncture and 2 slow-leaks and 18 visits to the toilet. Rides a full-fledged Bianchi tourer.


To En Ramli I would say this:

Happy birthday to you, Ramli.

When I was leaving my 59th I was kind of sad that so much time had been lost. I had then just started Almanar. When I was leaving my 69th I was equally sad that more years had gone by; but this time I was grateful that something worthwhile had been started and some success had begun to show from Almanar. Now I just look forwards.

I pray that many good things will be on your way.

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan.


oops did I just say that? said...

Hi Pak Cik (Al Manar)

Thanks for dropping your well wishes on my blog on my Dad's 59th birthday!

My dad had told me and I have read your entries about the charitable work you have been doing for those in need. I admire you for that.

May Allah bless you and repay your kindness.


Al-Manar said...

Thank you for the good wishes