20 July 2006

2002 PMR Results

They Have Done Themselves Credit
Almanar takes great pleasure to congratulate twenty odd Form III pupils who sat for their PMR examination at the end of 2002. They formed the third group to join Almanar at Form I for the special classes in English and Mathematics and for general guidance in other subjects.

The group passed with 100% A grade in Mathematics . Half of them obtained grade A in Bahasa Inggeris, grade B for the rest.. One candidate obtained 9A’s, three 8A’s and three 7A’s. To appreciate the height of achievement of this group of pupils one must take into account the level of their earlier generally average-to-low UPSR performance.

For instance, the UPSR result of the person with 9A’s is AABCC (B in Mathematics and C in Bahasa Inggeris) . One candidate who achieved 8A’s at PMR level can only boast of BBBBB at UPSR level , whilst one with 7A’s+1B at PMR (B in Bahasa Inggeris) obtained BBBBD (D in Bahasa Inggeris) at UPSR level.

On the basis of their performance in the recent PMR examination, a surprising number of 17 of them have left their very ordinary Sekolah Menengah to start their new hostel lives at the following centres :

2 to Sek. Sains asrama penuh in Kuala Terengganu.
4 to MRSM in Pahang and Terengganu
3 to Sek. Men.Tekniks in Kedah
1 to Sek. Men.Tekniks in Perak
3 to Sek. Men.Tekniks in Pahang
4 to Sek. Men. Tekniks in Terengganu

The above performance and that of previous groups associated with Almanar justify our conviction that the lack lustre UPSR results among many pupils do not necessarily reflect their true academic potentials. Many are victims of circumstances and environments, and they, therefore, deserve to be accorded a second chance. For their determination and hard work, and now that they are being given a second chance to continue excelling themselves, we wish all these boys and girls success.

Where they are :

Sek Menengah Sains Kuala Terengganu
Azmi HashimNor Hamimah Abd. Kasim

MRSM, Kuantan
Mohd Ridhwan Said
Fara Waheda Jusoh
Rose Aitul Adilah M Zaki
Nurul Shuhada Hassan

Sek Men Tekniks in Pahang
Amir Musa
Nor Farhana Zakariya
Nor Hafiza Mamat

Sek Men Tekniks in T Intan
Azida Abd Aziz

Sek Men Tekniks, Alor Star
Mayuni Mohd
Mazliani Abd. Aziz
Nor Baitie Razali

Sek Men Tekniks in Terengganu
Kamaliza Sidik
Nor Hasmidar A. Samad
Noor Akmal Mohamad
Zuriawani Mamat

Those who have opted to remain at their old school :

Farah Amirah Mat Deris ( 4 A’s )
Jazul Hafiz Jefri Jaafar ( 5 A’s )
Iza Emilia Mohamed ( 4 A’s )
Masitah Abd Latif ( 7 A’s)
Syaliza Dhamira Amad Rosli ( 2 A’s )
Syeikh Izzat Hamimi S Mohamad ( 2 A’s )

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