20 July 2006

2001 SPM Results


Early 1997 a small group of students , the pioneer group, joined Almanar as Form One students for our special English and Mathematics classes.Three years later this group left us and their original primary school to join other secondary schools , day as well as residential schools in the country . Today, with a sense of gratitude and pride , we offer our congratulations to this pioneer group who have successfully passed their SPM examination held at the end of 2001. One student, a girl, went as far as obtaining 7A1's and 1A2 ; and others with 7, 6A's and so on. We would like to feel that we did give them something while they were with us during their foundation years.

It is even more rewarding to us that thus far one has left to join the Metriculation course at MRSM college, Kulim, aspiring to be a doctor. Three others have left to join a similar course at the more enviable MRSM college, Banting, two also hoping to ultimately join medical courses and one engineering. We are hopeful that shortly the rest will also be offered places for further studies.

New Intakes

Pressure on our daily schedule and the need to offer more places for Secondary School pupils have forced us to reduce the intakes from Primary schools. Almanar is now running four classes for pupils of Form One to Form Three with a total enrolment of about 80 pupils. The recent SPM results have given a clear indication that emphasis at these three levels optimises our current limited capability.

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