01 June 2013

For once, deserted

My elder son has swiped my beloved other half to Umrah with his wife and two children; my second son is gallivanting with his wife around the Wild West, and my only daughter is doing whatever in Morocco.

Here, all alone, dead tired after washing clothes, drying and ironing, going to sea to catch some fish, cooking and doing the dishes, sweeping the floor and making own bed, watering flower and vegetable plants, coconut palms and all, I have to sleep all alone, scared of the ghosts in the dark – but I have HIM to pour my heart’s contents to in the middle of the night.

Isn’t that life?

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan


mamasita said...

AsSalam Tuan Haji..where on earth do you get all that energy at this age?
What is the secret?
Am amazed at your list of chores..:)

kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
There comes a time when man's got to do what man's got to do. But all the while when man is a lonely soul, love persists. Love for the Yang Maha Esa ALLAH s.w.t and love in that special compartment for loving Makcik!

That makes the wheels of man's responsibility at home to keep moving even with what seemingly seem 'banyak'


naliahmad said...

Dear Pakchik,

I shall ask my long lost twin who lives near you to go visit and help with your chores. After all, I wouldn't have known about her but for you.

Al-Manar said...


WALKSalaam Hajjah.

The secret is similar to what I have been told of a camel which has a built-in water storage in its body. In the hot desert the water will be utilised slowly. So whenever we eat keep a little for the future need. Imagine how much one can accumulate after 70 over years! That's the secrect. Don't tell people without a fee.

Al-Manar said...

Akhi Hank,

After going Haiku you seem to have acquired more life philosphy. As I often said I wish I could go your way too, occasionally, at least.

Al-Manar said...


Having beaten you in number she is far too busy to help.

Temuk said...

Kesihan juga al-Manar keseorangan, tapi rasanya tidaklah dia kekurangan atau kesepian!

Pak Temuk jadi terkenang pula, akan adanya juga orang-orang yang bersendirian di luar sana - berpakaian ala kadar, tiadalah yang mahu dibasuh atau dijemur, tiada apa makanan untuk dicari apa lagi dimasak, tiada lantai untuk disapu atau katil untuk dikemas, tiada tanaman untuk ditatap atau disiram, tiada segala-galanya kecuali bumbung langit dan lantai bumi. Para gelandangan ini malahan, mungkin saja tidak pun ingat untuk mengingati Pencipta mereka kerana kedhaifan yang amat menekan.

InsyaAllah yang sebelah lagi akan segera pulang, dan anak cucu segera menziarahi.

Al-Manar said...


Memang betul begitu Pak Temuk. Apapun kekurangan yang kita tempuhi dan alami masih ada diluar sana mereka yang betul betul sebatang karah. Bershukurlah.

No3 said...

Dear babah,

Soon Insya'Allah it will be Ramadhan and Raya. You will definitely not be alone then with all the rascals running about!


Al-Manar said...

No 3

That will be the day when the shouts for 'Ki,Ki ...." ring all round and I long for peace and quiet for a change!

Nur Emyinda said...

Assalam AlManar @ Pakcik @ Tn Haji,

Contoh Suami Mithali...sepertimana Rasulullah SAW...membantu isteri2nya dengan kerjarumah. Suatu ibadah jua. Pakcik - begitu rajinnya menguruskan rumahtangga walaupun dengan ketiadaan isteri tersayang.

Semoga mendapat keberkatan Illahi.

p/s hmmm, jom kita baca Ayatul Kursi kalau kita takut hantu...;-D Tentu hantu lari lintang pukang...hehehe.

ninotaziz said...

Enjoy the solitude Pakcik. And yes, I, and my Little Ikesha, resort to Ayatul Kursi too!

Al-Manar said...

Nur Emyinda,

WassalaamALK to you, too.

Pakvik, mithali? You know him better and will know what sort he is! I am afraid of the dark but of Him more. So two rakaat in the dark does wonder. Try it.

Al-Manar said...


I cannot get over the state of thrill and joy you are in now. Are you taking Ikesha with you to Jogja?

We have been having a good harvest of that pepper and we think of you. We must try to keep a young plant growing for you to take home - an incentive to visit us again. How about that, my folklore expert?

Incidentally reading folklore can be scary too. That is why Ikesha needs Ayatul Kursi!

I must not forget to say that your proposed 'A Hikayat A Day' is a good gift to your visitors.

It just occurred to me how coincidental that, in my previous posting, your comments came immediately after Awang Goneng whom you met recently at the Book Festival. I may post that group picture one of these days.

All the best wishes from us on your historic visit.

ninotaziz said...

Salam Pakcik. I would love to visit again, especially after July and August which would be very busy months. And yes, I would adore a little pepper tree. I am involved in several Merdeka projects, one being A Hikayat A Day, followed by two writing competitions. On top of that, I will have a small radio bites daily from August onwards to talk about Hikayat and Heritage.

I am thrilled about Jogja, I have written quite a bit of legends surrounding Borobodur and Trowulan. It would be wonderful to visit these sites. And I can't wait to buy a few books that are absolutely unavailable here like the ancient Negarakratagama and Prakaton. Inas (no 2) will be accompanying me and assisting me. There is a family wedding at the same time which Rudy has to attend with the kids so Ikesha can't follow!

Sir Awang Goneng was of course very upset about Pasar Payang. Ayoh Wang brought it up over at Facebook and I highlighted how SAG had just brought the matter of the decline of our heritage at the Book Festival. I hope something can be done, or if the development goes on, it will be done in a tasteful manner, taking care of the heritage aspect AND the welfare of the current shop owners in the area taken care of.

It was absolutely wonderful to meet Kak Teh and SAG.

I keep hoping and praying that my passion for Hikayat is the right direction for me. Your warm wishes and thoughts help in every way.

pena said...

As salam, pak cik! as a matter of fact i am still gushing with laughter almost to the point of tears at this minute that i am writing this comment after reading your entry. you were absolutely hilarious! where in the world did you find all the energy to complete all those chores? was it "makjun" that made you row the boat to catch some fish in the deep blue sea to cook for lunch? nevertheless, there are lots of rooms to bequeath syukor to Allah isn't it for blessing us with good wives. most of the time, we men took things for granted when we find breakfast on the table before going to work and our shirts and throusers well pressed complete with clean pair of socks that compliments the colour scheme of the entire attire. giving a hug before leaving for work seem like a little indemnification for what the wife has done for us all these while isn't it? once they were no where to be seen in the house, you started missing them like crazy! owh man! i know how that feels like. syukor alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for my other half too! i would be just as battered a husband as you without her!

Al-Manar said...

Dear Ninot,

Regret for this delay. I drafted a comment earlier but something weird happened. It disappeared!

I am glad you finally made contact with SAG and Kah Teh. Shortly SAG and son will be in KT. Would you like to join for a swim to the pulau?

Al-Manar said...


Where have been, my friend? Your blog has been neglected since election. For a moment I thought you had been taken to Putrajaya to be sworn in.

Should I give yoy the secret of strong and healthy body and soull? Keropok lekor taken with madu lebah! You have the product from the sea meeting that of the swarm. That 'doctor in the room' knows but may not want to disclose it.

Anonymous said...

Did you do all those chores on your own? It is unbelievable! haha, I am just kidding. Take a good care of yourself and have enough sleep and eat.


Al-Manar said...


You are the last person to believe what Pakcik can do. You were lucky not to be around at that time.