25 December 2011

Merry X’mas - 2011

To our Christian visitors and, in particular, our very old friends, Pauline, Julian, Ian, Raymond and their families, Salmah and I wish a merry X’mas, possibly a beautiful white one for those in UK and the States.

With kind regards from

Hassan & Salmah



Untuk yang seugama, Pakcik ingin melakarkan ayat 45 dan 59 dari surah Al I’mran.

Oleh kerana Pakcik sendiri tidak berkemampuan memberi penerangan secukupnya, memadai lah dengan apa yang terdapat dalam “Tafsir Pimpinan Al-Rahman Kepada Pengertian Al Quran” yang diterbitkan oleh Jabatan Perdana Menteri- 1968 :

Ayat 45 dari surah Al-Imran

“(Ingatlah) Ketika malaikat berkata: “Wahai Maryam! Bahawasanya Allah memberikan khabar yang mengmbirakan mu, dengan (mengurniakan kepada mu seorang anak yang engkau akan kandungkan sematamata dengan) kalimah daripada Allah ( kalimah arahan Allah ‘kuun’ - atau ‘jadi’- dan terus jadi) , nama anak itu: Al Masih Isa Ibnu Maryam, seorang yang terkemuka dalam dunia dan akhirat, dan ia juga dari orang yang didanpingkan (diberi kemuliaan disisi Allah).”

Ayat 59 dari surah Al-Imran

“Sesungguhnya perbandingan kejadian nabi Isa disisi Allah, adalah sama dengan kejadian nabi Adam. Allah telah menciptakan Adam dari tanah lalu berfirman kepadanya: ‘Jadilah engkau!’ Maka jadilah ia.


From those two verses alone we are being reminded that Al-Masikh Isa, is one of the greatest prophets who are to be honoured by us all. He is no less human than Adam, both of whom were created by a one-word command from Him – KUUN or simply BE. Adam was created without parents and Isa without the need of a father, hence Isa bin Maryam. That being the case, and firmly with that unshakable belief, should we not honour this prophet of Allah the way we are expected to do as enshrined in Al Quran? Could we not respect others for the basis they choose for their belief, that we be respected in return?

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk Kemanusiaan


kaykuala said...

Dear Pak Cik,
We rejoice together in respecting our prophet's calling. Of different creed but just the same being a common Prophet of the Christians and Muslim. If only this could readily be accepted by the diehards. My only wish is there would be less violence for the ensuing year.


Al-Manar said...

Akhi Hank

I think all of us share the same wish for less violence. It is scary that is seems on the increase, rural areas no exception.By comparison it was heaven during our younger days when we were physically strong as well.

Happy new year to you my friend.

mamasita said...

Salam Tuan Haji Al-Manar.
Happy New Year to you, yours missus and all your loved ones too.
May Allah SWT bless us all with continued strength and good enough health to strive and be good Muslims till the end of our days.

My daughter Fateen cakap..
"Ma? Others wish us on our Rayas and we should wish them back when they celebrate theirs.
Wishing others a Merry Christmas tak salah.Kita tetap orang Islam.
Bukan nak tukar agama.
Cuba tengok Piagam Madinah.."^_^

Salam banyak2 kat kak Hajjah Salmah..:)

Wan Sharif said...

Simply love it when you quote from the Book.. that distinguish jawi writing.. ah my envy to those who can write verses without "baris".
Agreed with you that we should respect others for the basis they choose for their belief..

Anonymous said...

Salams Pak Cik

Was at Cendering last week.Anyway,wishing Pak Cik n wife a very happy new year.Panjang umur n murah rezki always.


Al-Manar said...


Fateen has obviously been raised with a balanced outlook, a credit to those around her. There is not place for extremism in a plural society.

Al-Manar said...

Ayah Wang,

Tulis tanpa baris itu menunjukkan sikap malas - macam short-hand saja.

Tak balik ke, air laut kuat di KT sekarang.

Al-Manar said...


Lama tak nampak, rasa macan ada yang tak kena.

Would you please email your address which I think I have lost. My laptop has endless problem. May have to go desktop one of these days. D not forget (almnar@pd.jaring.my).