04 February 2011

Updated - Video of 'Ombak'

The day after the CNY - 4-2-2010

Pakcik's No.1 was down here with her family for a short Chinese New Year break. Having seen Pakcik's last posting (below) of "Angin Tahun Baru Cina" she left a short video with the following message. Visitors may wish to see the scene at the beach a day before the Chinese New Year.

Here is a video recording of the ombak just before the Chinese New Year :


Pakcik's No.1

Today the wind has gone and the sea is back as calm as its usual self.


Aishah said...

I am scared of ombak but I think I could sit on the beach and watch it all day.

It was a beautiful time with family, I see on the video.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Cik,
It seems 'musim tengkujuh' is still there in Terengganu. I know nothing about it being in Petaling Jaya. By the way, it is a nice video you have provided to us. Thank you Pak Cik. I bet people who are not in Terengganu can sense the atmosphere like being there watching the scene. See you and Mak Cik shortly, Insya-Allah.

p/s: my father has been warded at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah for a about two weeks. Alhamdulillah, his operation went well and I can take care of him since I am on one week's holidays now.


Wan Sharif said...

Alhamdullillah .. thank you for sharing small mercies with your anak cucu..
I was in Dungun and KT few days before CNY.. too much programs and too tired to venture to Pengkalan Maras..
Happy all the same to have met a friend whom I have not seen since 1968..

Anonymous said...

Great one you use. We are genuinely glad about the good information

Al-Manar said...


The sea is strangely fascinating, no matter what season that is. It is more so when we reflect on its numerous mentions in the holy Quran.

Al-Manar said...


Makcik and Pakcik are truly sorry to hear about your dad, and feel terribly guilty not being able to pay a visit. Kirim salaam kami kepada ayah dan juga mak.

Al-Manar said...

Ayah Wan,

It did occur to me that you might be around. We had a pleasant surprise visit, though, from a Terengganu blogger and wife, the way you did.
Salaam to you and family

Al-Manar said...