23 May 2014

Miracles of A-Quran ( Pt 2 ) – Dr Rashad Khalifa.

 Code Nineteen

Almost five months ago I posted my first thought on a new series to be named The Miracles of Al Quran (click)

Then one new issue came after another, giving the impression that I have put aside what I started with. On the contrary, the subject is one of Pakcik’s favourites. I have to apologise to my visitors like Aziela who expressed interest in this subject. 

Way back to mid 1970’s, an Egyptian living in America, made an astounding discovery which amazed the Islamic and non-Islamic alike. The man, Rashad Khalifa, born in Egypt in 1935,migrated to America at the age of 24 after obtaining his first degree. He then earned a Master’s degree in biochemistry in Arizona and, later, a PhD in California. It was in 1974 when Rashad Khalifa, using computer, made a sensational discovery of number 19, later known as the Code Nineteen of the Quran. An article on this subject found its way into the famed Scientific American magazine. One should appreciate that the earliest laptop computers only came into the market by mid 1980’s, but Rashad had used a computer ten years earlier to analyse AlQuran.  

 Dr Rashad Khalifa's tafsir

Code nineteen by Dr Rashad Khalifa

I came to hear of Rashad’s discovery towards the middle of 1980’s. Like many Muslims and non-Muslims world over, I was very fascinated by Rashad’s discovery. It did nothing but to strengthen my belief in the endless miracles of Al Quran.  I will not attempt to describe in any detail of the discovery related to number nineteen, which most of us already know, I am sure. To me this is a miracle and I would like it to be the first example in this series.

Here are just a few of the many aspects of the so-called code nineteen of AlQuran.

     1)  The total number of Chapters of Quran is 114 ; that is   19 x 6 = 114

2)     The opening statement of Quran – Bismillah… consists of 19 letters.

 19 letters of Bismillah

3)     The first Quranic revelation – Al Alaq … consisted of 19 words. The total number of words in this Chapter is  285; that is 19 x 15 = 285

 285 ( 19 x 15 = 285 ) of Al Alaq

4)     Surah Al Baqarah begins with three letters Alif, Lam and Mim. The total occurrence of these three letters in this Surah is 9,899; that is 19 x 521 = 9899. This phenomena
occurs for all other Chapters (Surah) starting with letters , the likes of Sad;  Alif Lam Ra; Ya Sin etc.

      The number nineteen itself ( in Arabic: tis‘ata asyara ) is found in Surah AlMuddaththir (74)    

Al Muddaththir (74)

Rashad became a popular hero, commanding full-house audiences as he lectured at universities, mosques, organizations and even royal and presidential palaces.  Rashad was inspired It was most unfortunate that, at the height of his popularity he began to have ideas that he was a divine messenger, not a prophet. This overshadowed the seriousness of his previous achievement, and undermined all the good that he had done.

Rashyad became a threat to Islam. A fatwa issued on Feb 19, 1989, by the Islamic Legal Council of Saudi Arabia and 38 scholars decreed Rashad Khalifa a heretic. On January 31, 1990, he was stabbed to death at Masjid Tucson.

Code Nineteen of AlQuran has become a controversial issue. Pakcik will not make a stand on this. Believing in numbers is against our basic faith in Allah.  To me it is not 19, as a number. But the Quran, apart from showing all the scientific marvels, shows that AlQuran is structured beyond the ability of any one but the God himself. The whole Book is bound by an uncanny structure and arrangement which, if a word is being altered, the change would show. It is like a kind of seal that one uses on an envelop to show that the document inside has not been tempered with. Likewise, Al Quran has been carefully sealed in a ‘nineteen ‘ manner to prove that after about 1400 years we now discover that the contents of the Book has never been tempered with, not even a letter, true to His assurance that He alone preserves it.

So I take code nineteen as a seal to assure ourselves of the sanctity of that Book, a miracle. It is not 19 as number to believe in. I regret that I am unable to post details of a number of very uncanny incidences in Mecca and Medinah during my Haj in mid 1980’s, involving the surah containing ( tis’ata asyara ). 

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan.


madame blossom said...

Masyaa Allaah.

Looking forward to read more!

Pakcik, I hope you have been in the best of iman and health. Take care!

Anonymous said...


Kassim Ahmad used to bring in the Quran from Rashad those days.The books were banned.
Rashad is a genius.

Hoping to know more bout PakCiks hajs journey.



Aziela said...

As Salam Pak Cik.

The facts about 19 are amazing. And I believe, it will not just the 19 that wonders us in Al-Qur'an. Other researchers could have found various wonders hidden as the seal per your mention. The message itself could be clear direct, but it could be translated deeper and wider. Thus, the layers of seals must have been unique and brilliant.

This is my first knowledge regarding Rashad. Thank you, Pak Cik.

Ismail aka Pak Mail said...


There are many facts about numbers in the Quran. Whether it is an odd numbers or even numbers. Stated or disguised. Perhaps, number 19 is just one of the miracle findings by Rashad. In fact there are hundreds or thousands of astonishing revelation about numbers if one were to closely 'researching' the Quran.

By the way, there is a hadith reported by Abu Hurairah ra stating that Rasulullah s.a.w says '......Verily, Allah is odd (He is One, an odd in number), and He, (yakni Allah) loves odd number'.

Allahu a'lam

Al-Manar said...

Madame Blossom,

I will, insya Allah, return to this topic again. Of late your postings seem to relate to faith and Quran. It is reassuring that we can always touch base the Book whenever we feel something is amiss.

Al-Manar said...


Where have you disappeared to for so long?

Khalifa was indeed a genius but that did not put him in good stead. It got into his head that he was a heaven-sent character, ignoring hadith altogether.

KA is a few years older to Khalifa and I an a little younger. KA was at the right age to appreciate Khalifa's initial work and to follow the development with fascination. That could be the beginning of his strong conviction against hadith.

That haj episode should not have been mentioned as , now I realise,it could lead to an unfortunate impression. I would probably do so privately. Am sorry, Wawa.

Al-Manar said...


At least you know about code 19 and the person who dicovered it. Take it as a wonder of Quran, not taking the number as an 'azimat'.

You can Google Rashad Khalifa and read a lot about this controversial figure. I was lucky to grow at the right age to follow some of the development as it unfolded.

Al-Manar said...


You have read a lot and you are in a position to discuss this subject at length.

Thank you for your comments, PakMail. Salaam to yyou

Al-Manar said...

Wawa and Aziela,

My apology for not saying,

Waalaikum salaam.

Kuarang adab, ya?

kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
It takes passion and perseverance to come up with such discoveries. Much sadden with tragic turn of events that followed later.


School Of Tots said...

Asmlkm Tn Al-Manar. Intereseting posting. Al-Qur'an is a living Mukjizat, no doubt about that. Code 19 is maybe one of the many dicovery made. Al-Qur'an is the ultimate and complete Book for human kind. It should be the center of Knowledge. It's the words of Allah. We should long have "University of Al-Qur'an" in Malaysia to strive for excellence Dunia & Akhirat. Once again TQ Tn Al-Manar for trigger us to think. Look at al-Qur'an and see Allah.

Note: A little correction on point no.1 --> 19 x 6 = 114

Al-Manar said...


It is a sad and tragic end to a very major discovery. Unusual success and general praise and acceptance can do this even to one of genius class.

Al-Manar said...

School Of Tots,

Waalaikum Salaam.

We live to remind each other. I made a blunder and you have corrected me.
Thank you. I have corrected the figure from 4 to 6. As the age gets older the coordination between eyes and fingers does wonders!

ninotaziz said...

Assalam Pakcik and Makcik

Your post highlights the delight of discovery and the danger of forgetting oneself in discovery…what a juxtaposition.

I attended the launch ceremony of the Pameran Antarabangsa : Merungkai Rahsia Manuskrip Melayu today at the National Library. Perhaps your cucus would love a visit.

I know you would love it Pakcik. Books as old as time - the Pusat Manuskrip Melayu has manuscripts about 400 years old…on the study of bulan dan bintang, peringatan kepada Raja and as simple as petua memotong kuku or memasak nasi.

A people of 'katak bawah tempering' mentality - I think not.

Al-Manar said...


I missed it! We went to Batu Gajah for the wedding of my grandson and returned home from there. Had I known about the Pamiran I would have stayed overnight in KL and be at the book show - might even met you as a bonus. Well that is that. Tak ada rezeki.

ninotaziz said...

The exhibition runs until 26 August 2014!

KotaStar said...

Salam Isra Mikraj Baru sebentar tadi membaca nota saudara. Hebat dan menarik may we hear more.

Al-Manar said...


If we go to KL again I will make it a point to see. Thank you

Al-Manar said...

Kota Star,

Saya baru singgah tempat sdr. Seperti biasa perjalanan yang menarik - kepada saya membawa kenangan.

I wonder where in the world is your next destination. Have you been anywhere near the Everest? It is never too late! Just at the foot is good enough to breathe the air; but not seeing it from the air en route to Europe!

Anonymous said...

Pak Cik,

With or without Code 19 we all must believe that the Al Quraan IS a miracle from God. Code 19 is only one of several which had been discovered thus far. Many more are waiting to be unearthed. It’s sad that a genius like him had to end the way it had. We should always be aware that however much we know still could not match His knowledge. I think it got to Rasyad Khalifa’s head, leading him to think that he could do away with the hadiths. And Kassim Ahmad embraces him firmly on this. I managed to get hold of the Final Scripture but it has since disappeared. I strongly believe it was borrowed by someone who forgot to return it. It is not much of a tafsir. It is actually a translation of the Quraan. We can clearly see his rejection of the hadith in his translation.

Idris Mamat

Al-Manar said...


This is truly a pleasant surprise. You have left your blog without a new entry for a year now and have not shown your presence for equally that length of time. I do hope all is well with yu and family. You are missed because you nearly always have something to express. You are, to my mind, one of the well read individuals, and ready to speak up. I agree with you that 19 is not going to be the last of Quranic miracles.

Do drop by again and again, my friend. I do not think you go sailing any more after those 30 years in shipping.

salaam to you.

Anonymous said...

WAKS Pak Chik,

Thank you very much for the concern and nice words. InsyaAllah will try to be present as regular as possible to touch base with you and other readers.

idris Mamat