13 July 2014

Happy Days Here Again ( Pt 2 ) - We are all orphans

My children

On Saturday 5th June a large coach which could accommodate 45 passengers stopped in front of the gate of Almanar which suddenly seemed diminutive and humbled by comparison. No such a large passenger vehicle ever stood there.

 A 45 seater from Perkaya Orphanage

 Form 1 children

A group of twenty children alighted and streamed through the gate. That was the first group of Form 1 children from PERKAYA Orphanage to begin their tuition class here.

Comfortably seated after their long ride ( return trip of about 110 km from Perkaya Orphanage to Almanar) they sat listening to the first few introductory words of welcome from Pakcik. Their surprise was noticeable when told that the man standing in front of them was, from then on, to be simply addressed as “Pakcik” or “Pakcik Hassan”. Such terms as teacher, sir, master etc were not acceptable.

Pakcik’s next point was on the normal practice at Almanar; for instance, the day here should begin with recitation of Al-Fatihah for the loved ones who have gone before us, including those who have donated to Almanar’s needs. On that note I proceeded to say, “ Sekarang (selain mereka yang tidak boleh sembahyang) marilah kitta hadiahkan AlFatihah kepada arwah yang kita kasihi dan…..”. The word ‘arwah’ brought a lump to my throat. Like being hit with a hard brick it dawned on me that those faces looking straight into my eyes belonged to twenty boys and girls who had, without exception, lost their fathers. One of the girls had lost her mother as well. I had to swallow hard the moment they began reciting the Al-Fatihah. I had never experienced addressing a group of children who have lost their fathers. They are now Pakcik’s children.

  First day at Almanar

Two days later I invited a friend for a drive down south of K Terengganu along the peaceful coastal road to Perkaya Orphanage where I had never been. It was a pleasant 55-km drive and under an hour we were at the administrative office to get the direction to the Principle’s room.  It was quite a long walk through passages between classrooms. At one point a group of children appeared from around a corned ahead. They were walking straight towards us. Then came the unexpected surprise.  They group caught sight of me and recognised me. In an excited loud chorus, they cried out, “Pakcik Hassan!” and ran towards us, the boys holding out their hands to kiss mine. That spontaneous warm welcome after just one meting at Almanar two days earlier truly touched me. Yes, they had accepted to be my children.


The second trip of Perkaya coach to Almanar brought the same Form 1 children again and a group of ten Form 4 children, the members of the latter group had also lost their fathers.

Form 4 children and their temporary teacher, Kak Mira (the dentist-to-be) on the right 

It was fortunate that I had an ex-Almanar girl, Azmiera, to help me with the two groups that day. She is home on leave from her university and is free and ready to help. She has another month to help at Almanar before going back into her final phase to be a graduate dentist. It pleased me to notice the potential dentist, also one who has lost her father, handling a group of orphans and being addressed as Kak Mira by the children. Perhaps I should mention at this juncture, that Pakcik and Makcik have also lost our fathers and mothers – making us truly ‘yatim piatu !  Almanar is turning into an all -orphan institution !


Advertisement special:

Wanted:  Voluntary persons ( preferably orphans!) to teach English, Maths and Sciences. 

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan 


kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
Alhamdullillah. I shed a tear of happiness upon reading this. For one they have gladly entrusted their future unto you. Secondly they are not holding back their enthusiasm which itself is good motivation. I pray Pakcik will have to take care of yourself health-wise in the wake of lots of activities suddenly demanding your attention. Good-luck to you Sir! May ALLAH SWT akan mempermudahkan segala-galanya IsyALLAH!


muhaini said...

Alhamdulillah. Wish I was near to lend a helping hand. For I'm an orphan too, having lost my beloved father 5 years ago. May Allah Blessed you and your family for all the good deeds done, and the orphans too. Not forgetting, Mira.

Anonymous said...

Pak Cik,

Again I shed tears reading your latest post. Having been orphaned at the age of 10 following the death of my father, I could fathom what your new children are going through emotionally though financially they are lucky to have been taken care of by Perkaya. Kudos to that former Dy Minister for spending a lot of money and time to look after the orphans. How I wish Perkaya and other similar organizations had existed when I became an orphan! We all know about the many injunctions in the Quraan and Hadith relating to orphans. The Prophet himself was an orphan having lost his father when he was not even born and his mother a few years later.

Idris Mamat

Al-Manar said...


Alhamdulillah indeed, my friend. There will be a lot to do. I need people willing to help. That is a stumbling block which I have to overcome. Insya Allah help will come somehow from somewhere.

Al-Manar said...


If only you could uproot your whole family to be around here! That is a very tall order. Thank you for the thought. Charity begins at home. You are building your own family, a priority.

Salaam to you

Al-Manar said...

Dear Idris,

If we had more of that Dy Minister in Terengganu this state would not be so poor, supposedly a Malay state with strong Islamic founddsation. But the prosperity pictured and visually seen has to be pictured from different perspectives. I am sure your views may not differ much from mine.

KotaStar said...

Malam Nuzul Quran ..17 Ramadan ini membawa rahmat dengan berita kunjungan anak-anak daripada Perkaya.Truly it is happy days again at AlManar. Alhamdullilah.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pakcik,

Alhamdulillah. "Happy days are at Nuri again".Saya tumpang gembira. Semoga segala usaha dirahmati Allah SWT. My father was actively involved with Perkaya during its early days so the organization is very much close at heart.Take care Pakcik and Salam Nuzul Quran.


Al-Manar said...


I hope it has been a good Ramadhan for you and family as we are here, and in no time Hari Raya as well.

I suppose your travelling around temporarily stops till after 'Id.

Anonymous said...


Waalaikum Salaam.
It is a pleasant surprise to see you. Truly I want to take a drive to your area one day. Of course I will call first to make sure you are around and free.

I must hear more of your dad's involvement with Perkaya. Of course he, very likely active politically, must know the Dpty Minister personally when he was the YB there.

Selamat berpuasa with everyine at home. Jangan kerja kuat sangat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Babah,

Only recently I heard an Ustaz saying that a child who lost just the mother is not anak yatim because the father can still support the child. But if the child lost a father, than he/she is truly an anak yatim.

Another entry that bring tears to my eyes.

Pokcik's No.1

Al-Manar said...


It is on the basis of that definition prequalification to get into Perkaya is one without father in the first place. Babah and mami are true anak yatim (age not considered)!

Aziela said...

As ssalam Pakcik....

I cried reading this post. There is genuine sincerity in all aspects. You and Al-Manar, the Perkaya, the children themselves and your Kak Mira....

I can only give out doa for all of you...May all will end well...

Al-Manar said...


Waalaikum Salaam. Things are made easy when all parties are willing to work in concert towards a common objective. In fact if what you do is something you relish to do, there is joy all the way. But things do not work out that way all the time. There odd ones to overcome.

Anonymous said...

Pakcik, nothing much I could do. I really want to help you but I am very busy with the dentist's stuff. How I wish UIA is in Terengganu so that I could be there as you wish.

Al-Manar said...


How I wish you would serve in Terengganu. We will convert part of Almanar for your practice, children of Almanar getting free treatment! You have been a wonder and a great help to me, your ever willing attitude. I do not mind paying you a ringgit a day.

Anonymous said...

Salam pak cik,

First of all, sorry Pak Cik if my comment is long. I never miss reading each of your entries in your blog. But the latest entry about the orphans really now. I am grateful that I can write, read and speak in English, although not fluently. but if a foreigner asks me I can respond. Perhaps I do not practice speaking. I have to improve my vocab. Without Pak Cik and Sir Azmi, my English would never improve. Saya masih lagi ingat for English subject, dulu selalu dapat D and E hingga UPSR when O I got an A! Alhamdulillah. I'm a lucky personally to have Pak Cik and Sir Azmi when I first learnt English. But with what I learnt from you and Sir Azmi I was able to use until I earned my deg5ree.
Bila Pak Cik posts yang Pak Cik nak cari voluntary guru English, Math and Science, saya hanya berharap yang ada yang akan menolong satu hari. My knowledge in English, Math and Science, is not enough to help. Niat saya selalu nak tolong Pak Cik apa yang patut di Almanar tapi saya tak tahu mana nak mula kerana nak tolong Pak Cik nak ajar budak-budak kat Almanar, saya rasa saya tak mampu kerana saya fikir saya tak pandai dalam bdang ni. hanya ada ilmu setakat sekolah dulu-dulu. doa saya tak pernah putus supaya Pak Cik terus dikurniakan oleh Allah kekuatan, kesihatan yang baik untuk terus bersama Almanar. Alhamdulillah, Mira ada dan boleh tolong.
Do you know Pak Cik, in my university, degree students do not e ven know how to use am, is was, etc properly. They, sometimes, asked me where I learnt English. Vocab book I did at Almanar,12 years ago is still with me. I keep for reference and sentimental value. Sorry again Pak Cik, there is nothing I can do to help you. Pak Cik,
I'll never stop praying to Allah,Pak Cik and Mak Cik. Semoga Allah sentiasa memberi kebahagiaan di dunia dan di akhirat buat Pak Cik dan Mak Cik, moga Pak Cik sentiasa diberi ksihatan yang baik untuk terus bersama Almanar.amin.. Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan.
Mon Jul 21, 02:21:00 pm

Al-Manar said...


I thank you for your kind words. But I cannot identify you.Please tell me. Twelve years is a long time, Sir Azmi's time. I really like to know and probably meet you again whenever you are home around Batu Rakit.

Please send me an email addressed to: almanar@pd.jaring.my
Then I hope I know who you are. Selamat berpuasa. Kalau ada di kampong datanglah beraya kerumah Pakcik, bila bila saja - tidak mesti hari raya