18 June 2014

All in the family ( Pt 12 ) – A Boy Scout and/or Imam Muda

 Just a short breather

The much awaited school holiday came but, all too soon, was gone. At its start we had two of our ten grandchildren, a girl of thirteen, and her younger brother, Adam, ten, the latter being the subject of my Nov 2013 posting, ‘Adam the boy scout’ ( click ).

 Yes, I am Adam, a boy scout

Do I look ten and my sister (Aisyah) thirteen?   

The presence of these two kids brought life to the quiet home of the old couple at Nuri. How these two children have grown from one holiday to another.

It was not very long ago I used to have these two kids walking on my back as I lay face down on a mat. We call it ‘pijak belakang’ (stepping on the back). For that they were rewarded ONE ringgit each for their piggy banks. Today they have grown too big/heavy for my back to take. The old 'pijak belakang' exercise has changed to ‘tumbuk belakang’ ( pummeling the back) with their fists clenched. Of course the cost to the grandfather has doubled to TWO ringgits each !

Have I been teaching my grandchildren to earn money?  No, it is part of multiple learning in line with what our Education Ministry has been doing (very satisfactorily according to recent media news ) to children in schools. Their parents tackle different aspects of learning and practices. To illustrate this I will relate what I was pleasantly surprised one afternoon on the second day of the two children’s recent holiday with us.

Not hearing any noise from the two in the room next door I crept to see. Lo and behold, the they were in the middle of their prayers with Adam playing the ‘Imam muda’, leading his elder sister, Aisyah.

Together we stand to worship You, oh, AlMighty

To You, we bow ourselves with humility

And only to You, the All High, we sink this low

I said nothing then, expecting to satisfy myself that it was not a one time off. No, indeed, I found them repeating the same on a few other occasions when they were together. Since then, whenever the four of us prayed Maghrib together, I appointed the Imam ‘Muda’ to be my ‘bilal’ to do the ‘iqamah’. He performed his new role well in his loud and clear voice.   

Nothing pleases me more than to see a good habit being put into regular practice. We want academic excellence but it should be supported by other good values, Islamic values for Muslims.The little surprise shown by the two young kids assures the septuagenarian couple of this house that the young members of their clan are being led on the right track. Alhamdulillah.    

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan


kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
Alhamdulillah! Looking at the big picture prayers determine that 1) bodily muscle movements are made 5 times a day(so Muslims should not be obese with moderate food intake)
2)prayers boost confidence in the ability of learning by heart.

They might not realise the advantages of both but it is great for them to make the start at an early age! Syabas!


Anonymous said...

Slmkum Pak Cik

AlhmdulliLAH your grandchildren are well brought up by their parents.
These kids are very disciplined and happy as well.
Hope you and makcik are always in their hearts.


ngasobahseliman said...

Alhamdulilah. "Jelous saya". My eldest grandson (9) has ADHD (attentation deficient hyperactive disorder) and his younger brother (7) is autistic. They are children with special needs. Allah kurnia perbezaan, namun itu keistimewaan yang Allah mahu kita lihat betapa Allah maha Pengasih. Doakan cucu-cucu saya dapat mengendali diri bila dewasa.....mencari redha Allah.

Al-Manar said...


Boosting confidence in ability to learn by heart. Yes it can be that especially when as an imam one has to recite certain surah aloud. Thanks, Hank

Al-Manar said...


Waalaikum Salaam. It is so delightful to see you again. Mine is an average Malay, Muslim family - no hafeez, nor person of that ability. I believe in 'balance', not excessive in any particular field at the the expense of the other.

Al-Manar said...


I read of the two children and posted my response a while ago. Although I sympathise with your family I know the plus aspect of a family having to accept and go through life looking after handicapped. The rewards from Him is abundant. It is a question of plus and minus. HE is fair to all. We accept that and we are happy in life.

There is no need to be "jealous". We all have our share. I am somewhat envious of your SmarTop movement, one lacking in my locality.

Anonymous said...

Pak Cik,

This is a classic case of "you reap what you sow".

However this proverb is now a subject matter in a court case involving the top man and a top political party in our country.

Idris Mamat

ANIM said...

mendidik generasi Y di zaman ini bukan mudah..
sungguh, adakala mereka perlu "diumpan" dengan sesuatu dalam melakukan sesuatu kebaikan.
anak2 murid saya tiada bezanya. nampak perubahan ketara sikap murid berbanding 20 tahun lalu....
Allah, seronoknya bila lihat kepentingan dunia dan akhirat seiring..
apalagi yang kita harapkan tika kita sudah berada di dalam barzakh..
wang berjuta ditinggalkan pun tak berguna melainkan doa2 dari anak2 dan cucu yang soleh...

Uncle said...

alhamdulillah Pakcik....

kotastar said...

A very personal touch to yr blog. A good read and indeed we need to see as you have done what the grand children do when they come home. Surely very satisfying to the soul.

They too will appreciate the special attentions and care given when they are at home di rumah tok. Like you when they are home we feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction esp knowing their
abilities ... salam and may we continue to see and appreciate the best in our family.

Al-Manar said...


You are very up-to-date on current affairs, able to quote cases at will. To me it sounds familiar but not specific. Let us not be brought to court when we earn what we deserve. I am sure you agree that many deserving people do not get what they ought to be given for reasons best known.

Salaam to you.

Al-Manar said...


Apalah generasi X, Y , Z ini. Pakcik ni tahu generasi yang pAkcik generasi Z agaknya. Betul pandangan Anim tentang perubahan sikap budak budak awal sekolah menengah dalam masa 20 tahun Pakcik menjalankan Almanar. Penurunan keinginan belajar sudah menurun mendadak.

Sekarang tisp tiap kelas sudah kurang daru 10 orang. 15-20 tahun dahulu kelas Timgkatan 1 terpaksa dibuat dua bila bilangan mencapai 40 orang.

Menjaga dua Abdul tentu tidak menjadi masalah. Harap mendapat kejayaan.

Al-Manar said...


Terima kasih singgah. Saya tidak ada senarai blogger yang ada penulisan terkini. Kadang2 bergantung kepada mereka yang singgah. Memang dah lama saya tidak meninggal catatan di blog Uncle.

Semoga semua dalam keluarga keadaan baik menghampiri bulan puasa.

Al-Manar said...


You must be having busy time to leave blog without being updated as frequent as before.

The grandchildren generation is something different from that we were used to be directly responsible for years gone by. They are very dear and very close but our responsibilty is one of observing and pointing out what seems wrong , not what to do.

Selamat berpuasa.

ninotaziz said...


I love seeing Ikesha and Ilena in their telekung. Reminds me how much they have grown.

Only two left at home. The house misses the elder three sisters...

nwar said...

Beautiful. Nothing comforts the elders more than seeing the offsprings lead a balanced life, "ibadah" in all sense of the word.
On the subject of ibadah, i wish Babah would consider sharing in the blog that excellent "thesis".

Pakcik's #2

Al-Manar said...

Dear Ninot,

I am glad that you could spare the time to visit here. We now see you on your double spread in the Sunday NST. It is so informative, showing the wealth of your knowledge on Malay manuscripts. Keep up your wonderful work.

Your five I's will do well in life seeing how you care for them and how you raise them, cultivating wealths in various fields, religious, academic, language, stage acting etc.

We love to get an update on where and how the three big I's are. Before you know they will grow so well that you long to see their small i's !! We have mostly A's in our family, hence Aisyah, Adam, Arif, A Aziz , Ainun, Anwar, Amran and so on.

Al-Manar said...

Dear Nwar,

I am glad you chose to drop a few lines. It is not often to see one commenting on his Babah's posting.

That 'thesis' is a reasonable view expressed by Babah over 20 yuears ago, not a ba attempt. By today's standard it is an unedited and raw piece of work. It was just not possible, then, to go through 40 pages of type-written work, inserting new thoughts, redesining paragraphs etc like what we can do on a computer. So much should be done by way of editing that.

Your suggestion is not out of place, but as it is I see inadequacy in that piece of work. Sharing the work within our family is well and good because you know me, too well, my thoughts, likes and dislikes. But to share that 'thesis' with my readers is not appropriate. Perhaps Babaah will take some parts to be serialised here one day.

Thank you, Nwar