28 September 2010

Hold on - Is this a hoax?

A regular visitor to this blog kindly forwarded to Pakcik from USA,certain views found in a website called ‘hoax-slayer’. In particular, the circulated message contained in Pakcik’s post under ‘Medical Advice – Pending a heart attack’ was commented upon by a couple of parties, namely the American Heart Association and the Resuscitation Council of UK.

I am duty-bound to mention, even in not so many words, the gist of what the two parties said. Firstly,reference was made to the American Heart Association that "the usefulness of 'cough CPR' is generally limited to monitored patients with a witnessed arrest in the hospital setting".

Secondly, the Resuscitation Council in UK "knows of no evidence that, even if a lone patient knew that cardiac arrest had occurred, he or she would be able to maintain sufficient circulation to allow activity, let alone driving to the hospital".

I am somewhat relieved that no party implied that the simple method prescribed was wrong or dangerous. The stress was on getting professional help. Yes indeed, we all want professional help. But do we all have access to medical help that readily as in those developed countries?

A doctor I consulted felt that one should not stop trying something after initiating 999, while being driven to hospital or while waiting for the ambulance. “What else is there to do apart from ‘mengucap’ – especially when we still a little bit more time on God’s earth?”

Hasma, a visitor to Pakcik's posting (also a doctor) stressed in her comment the importance of knowing how to dial 999 in emergency situation.

Pill Pusher ( I suspect he is in medical line as well) left the following comment at the end of Pakcik’s posting:

“jgn lupa kunyah dan telan 1 biji aspirin 300mg jugak mase tu (kalau ade kat situ)

Indeed why shouldn’t we do something recommended by certain people, something not known to be harmful, rather than ‘mengucap’? I am of this view and now I will make sure some aspirin is kept readily available at home as suggested by Pill Pusher. Then, after ‘berikhtiar’ we sit ‘mengucap dan berdoa’.( try all what we can do and rest to say our prayers.)

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan


Wan Sharif said...

Salam Pakcik..
Agreed with you that we do all that we can (ikhtiar) and then tawakkal..

Sir Pök Déng said...

Sometimes 'they' are way too optimist. I second Wan Sharif's comment, all we need is ikhtiar and tawakkal. Get the medical procedure done, pray to God s/he'll be alright and one more important thing is... get ready to see him/her die.

Do something appropriate to let him/her return to the Maker peacefully. Help him/her to recite the syahadah.

Sounds harsh but that's the way it is - in every part of the world it works just like that.

kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
Rightly so. Being prepared is being calm and collected in a moment of crisis.
Even the most rehearsed will come to nought in a moment of panic or distress when one is not expected to be readily rational. In this case, we can fall back on something which itself will create confidence and may well save one’s life.
Yes, hopefully it is not a hoax to start with.