17 January 2010

Great copper cable thieves!

No, it is not of the same scale as the famed great train robbery of England in the fifties. Desperate to make a living (or to purchase drugs?) in this bustling new city, some choose to wonder in the dark cutting about 100 meters of telephone cable each time for copper to sell.

In the New Sunday Times of 17th Jan there was a short news of similar happening in Maran where two syndicates had been smashed. But Maran is not a city like where Almanar is. The stealing around me has been a nightly affair, each time Telekom Malaysia losing about 100 meters of cable. The thieves are having heyday. The person in charge of the local substation informed me that, having lost so much recently, they had run out of cable to replace the stolen. So, without a telephone line, there is no modem, hence no streamyx. And I cannot afford the sophisticated hand-phone! Poor me have to have patience ( patience being part of iman).

But Pakcik am not without resources. I go to an unaffected computer shop and share its streamyx signal. In fact after Almanar class this morning I drove to one, stopped by the road-side beside it and read my inbox mails. Now I am drafting this entry offline and will get it posted before the shop closes! Isn’t that clever?


Now I wonder.

- I wonder when I shall have my line, my streamyx.

- I wonder whether anyone or anybody (like the police, Telecom headquarters, ADUN or MP of my constituency) is doing anything about this.

- I wonder how the affected schools handle their high tech teaching equipment and how the pupils, many provided with an e-book each, do their homework.

- I wonder whether Telekom Malaysia cannot justify setting up its own cable manufacturing factory here.

With a lot of time on hand I can afford to sit back and wonder ----

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan


Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

It happened to my mother too, in small town Bedong sometime last year. I'm without mobile phone for more than a month now, and I'm getting use to it. Hope Telekom reconnects the internet speedily.

Kak Teh said...

Abang Ngah, give streamyx a rest and join anwar and kak mah here in London. It will be good to see you again. and we can all walk down memory lane.

Pak Idrus said...

The stealing of copper wire has been going on for years already and it is because there are ready buyers. The authority could stop this stealing by just looking at the place where they sell it. What the authority had to do is to warn harshly that the buyer would be punished for buying stolen goods. I do not see any difficulties in doing this. There are not that many buyers in one town.

Stop the buying and you stop the stealing. It is as simple as that.

cikzaa said...

i wonder why the thieves never think about others..they will never! now, copper cable price is very high & got high demand in the market..
i'm lucky coz my apartment just next to Mamak Stall..so their wireless signal still can reach to my bedroom..hahaha!

salam pakcik

Al-Manar said...

The good old days of the fifties had no such problems. Your mother may feel the same way,too. I must look up where Bedong is. It sounds a nice place.

Al-Manar said...

It sounds 'Kathy' where you are, cold and miserable! That serves you right for bypassing the real KT.I love to walk the memory lane as well, a lot of them in London, you and the boy who loved banana. Let Kak Mah and three grandchildren go first without Abang Ngah, paving new lane for their walk in future.
We think of you always.
Abang Ngah & Kak Mah

Al-Manar said...

Pak Idrus

What you said is very true and it sounds such an easy solution. Go after the purchasers. In a small place where I am I cannot help feeling the police may very likely have an idea who the culprits , both the sellers and the buyers, are. It just needs someone tell somebody,'Go, do it".

Al-Manar said...

I do get free signal every time I am in KL. In Damansara Heights there is signal all over in the area, day and night. I do not even think of stealing anyone's signal It is like some fruit fallen in your garden from your neighbour's overhang. They are legally yours.