15 December 2008

Pak Cik Reminisces ( Part 6) - No2 (Nwar) reminisces

This morning Pak Cik received an e-mail from the elder of my two sons both of whom and their big sister are today grown up with children of their own. Pak Cik could not hold my tears reading something that kicked my own memory back to the days I used to take my two boys to Masjid Negara. It brought home how old Pak Cik am today, and how blessed Mak Cik and Pak Cik are that today we have a chance to read what goes in the mind of our son, reflecting the very thought that went through our minds those many many years ago.

I wish to share with Almanar’s pupils, past and present, what my son, Anwar, wrote in his e-mail message:

“I was in my reminiscing mood as I leaned against the big column half listening to the khutbah after the solat hari raya at Masjid Negara this morning. It was drizzling and weather was 'pleasantly' gloomy (autumn-ish) with cool breeze gently blowing across the open spaces of this great mosque - so many fond memories here.

I watched Azim and Arif from afar, both smartly dressed in baju Melayu, chatting & giggling away, oblivious to the surrounding, ahh... both still 'little' boys in my eyes, young and innocent. The solemn khutbah about son and dad, nabi Ibrahim and nabi Ismail, made me conscious of that unconditional love I have for the two (and the little rascal at home, of course). I wondered, surely 30 years ago, when I was here with my little brother and my Babah, for sembahyang hari raya, sembahyang Jumaat, tarawikh, the same thought must have crossed Babah's mind looking at the two of us 'cuit sana, cuit sini', oblivious to the real world - that unconditional love. - Nuar”

Mak Cik, Arif, Azim & cousin Aziz

Life would indeed be a lonely place without our loved ones.

You, children of today will surely, many many moons and years from today, come to a moment that you realise how much you truly owe your parents. So strive hard at your studies, that with your education you can do something for them – not forgetting the community that you belong to.

Nuar, Pak Cik & little brother Amran

Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan.


Kak Teh said...

Abang Ngah, I had always been envious of the relationship that you have with the children - kak mah is like a friend to the children. I remember Kak Mah telling me that - treat the children like your friends. Talk to them.

Your children are well brought up and they have done very well - you cant ask for more. and I for one am glad that I am a part of your family and you have accepted me as part of your family. For that, my love and affection forever.

Anuar never fails to bring tears to my eyes with his emails. he used to write to me. Georgie...oooops, amran, always a chuckle, and ainun - ah, she is the level headed one. You and kak Mah have been blessed.

Al-Manar said...

Yes, grass appears greener on the other side of the fence. The owner of that small plot of lawn, on the other hand, may envy the larger stretch of ground we have. “How I wish I could have that to plant a mango tree,” and turns away with a sigh.

We all have been endowed with something that we often fail to appreciate. You and Mi have great many readers, your admirers, envious of your talents and ability. Abang Ngah am proud to be associated with you and family, proudly admitting to be closer than many of them - and the four children, aren’t they full of self confidence and self reliance? Let’s say Alhamdulillah.