16 September 2007

Pak Cik’s message – 31st August 2007 (50th Merdeka Anniversary)

It has been quite a while since the last entry was made. Pak Cik has always had in mind updating Almanarnuri regularly. This has failed miserably. Consequently, this site tells nothing of the current situation at Almanar, its failures as well as its successes. Pak Cik has every intention to put this right. Every attempt will be made to have a bit of news from time to time. Perhaps, this day being the 50th anniversary of our independence, it is as good a day as any to make a start.

In general Almanar has been able to live up to its motto, ‘ Berkhidmat kerana tuhan untuk kemanusiaan’. Single-handed at the helm Pak Cik has not failed to keep reviewing the effectiveness of materials and methods employed. Many quarters have seen Almanar as a unique non-profit-making venture. It has now entered the thirteenth year of its existence. Convinced of what Almanar has done, a number of families have given their votes of confidence by having their third children enrolled. In more than one way Almanar has developed into an institution in its own right. Most unfortunate is Pak Cik’s failure to attract voluntary teaching resource to expand the programme envisaged. Its enrolment is levelled at around 80 to 90 pupils attending the basic three-year course beginning at Form One. There are of course a number of those from Form 4 and Form 5, who find the familiar atmosphere at Almanar conducive to concentrated work. This is most noticeable during school holidays when ex-Almanar pupils return home from their boarding schools. Here they congregate to exchange experience and to work ahead together.

The year 2006 saw a great success for the 20 odd pupils sitting for PMR examination. Ten candidates obtained 8A’a. Thirteen were given places to continue Form 4 at MRSM, of whom five went to Pengkalan Cepa, rated among the top MRSM in the country. These boys and girls have given credits to their families. Almanar is proud to share their pride.

To all those who have shared parts of their student life at Almanar Pak Cik would wish this: “all the best to you, post Merdeka children. Pak Cik’s school days belong to pre-Merdeka era, a period in time with different kind of challenges, some greater than today’s. But your future will undoubtedly be no less challeging. Strive and, kerana Tuhan and in the spirit of Merdeka, keep on striving. I have often borrowed the saying that the measure of our success is the amount of effort we put into it.”


Anonymous said...

Al-Manar...My first real education in English began with my great Pak Cik. I started from almost zero knowledge in every subject especially English. I followed Pak Cik's guidance..in PMR i obtained a surprised A for my English!!! It was really amazing.Pak Cik,I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Now I have finished my study at ITM Shah Alam holding a diploma in Hotel MAnagement & Tourism Diploma..and now I am proroceeding
with my childhood ambition, to be a lecturer/teacher. I am studying for my degree at the same time teaching English and tourism related subjects at a private college in KL. Just wish me luck!!

Anonymous said...

nadirah < haridan84@yahoo.com>

Mmm..It has been a long time since I last visited Almanar. I miss the days when I used to spend time learning with pak cik as a student there a long, long time ago. Sometimes I wish I were still a student there, learning to be like him, a teacher who does not only educate children but shows kindness. I am studying at the Institut Perguruan Kuala Terengganu, not very far from Almanar. In my opinion, it's not easy to impart knowledge to others. We need that skill in teaching to do it well. Pak cik does not have any special qualifications from JPN or Kementrian Pelajaran, but I must admit he can do it well, maybe a little bit harsh at times. But it did me good ! I still remember how he used to give lots of exercise. But, personally, I loved it especially when it came to mathematics, my favourite. However I am now majoring in science, Maths being my subsidiary subject.

Thank you Pak Cik for everything that you have taught me.
Slamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Anonymous said...
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