20 July 2006

2001 Class Size

In May 2001, Almanar is running classes with a total enrolment of about 130 students.
The exact number varies slightly from time to time resulting from voluntary
or forced withdrawals and new intakes. A few do find it tough to conform to
the strict academic demand here. To maintain an acceptable high standard Almanar cannot compromise. Those few will leave or have to leave.
The breakdown of the current classes is as follows :

A small number of students who joined before 1997 , that is before the construction of the school building proper, are already in several universities and colleges. While those who joined Almanar in 1997 (Form 1) and studied until 1999 (Form 3) will be sitting for their SPM examination in December this year,2001. They are now in their Form 5 in various secondary schools in the country, some in full boarding schools.

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